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Introducing a New, Fast-Acting Form of Carnitine Your Heart Will Love

If you’re a regular reader, you know about L-carnitine and its benefits for heart health, mind and muscle. But did you know that a special form of L-carnitine has been used exclusively in mainsteam healthcare for many years? Now, a lower-potency alternative version of this special L-carnitine is available as a dietary supplement especially useful in supporting cardiovascular health. It’s called GPLC, or Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine, and it’s set to take the world of cardio-nutrition by storm.

What is propionyl L-carnitine (PLC)?

Basically, L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps transport fatty acids from the diet into the mitochondria of our cells, where they are turned into cellular energy. This particular form of L-carnitine penetrates cellular membranes easier and faster than others, and it’s the form that is found most concentrated in lean muscles like the heart. That’s why propionyl L-carnitine (PLC) has been used in clinical settings— to directly assist in the production of cardiovascular energy and enhance the efficiency of the entire cardiovascular system. GPLC is different in that it supplies a lower amount of propionyl L-carnitine via a new molecule formed by uniting pure PLC with the non-essential amino acid glycine.

Why is glycine added?

Combining PLC with glycine creates a new patented molecule, one that differs from pure PLC and can be sold as a dietary supplement. Plus, glycine has added benefits of its own. When fatty acids enter the mitochondria of the cells, they are broken down through a process of oxidation— which we all know causes the production of waste products like free radicals. Glycine is a free-radical scavenger. As the GPLC molecule is broken down and the PLC is used for energy production, glycine stands ready to quench the resulting free radicals. Plus, it has a positive influence on the muscles’ ability to store and use glycogen, which is an important player in the metabolic process that helps transform substances like PLC into energy.

Can I get GPLC anywhere?

This new form of L-carnitine is just hitting the market, and while you may find it elsewhere, you’ll want to check the label. At Swanson, we use the only patented form of GPLC available—GlycoCarn®. And while GlycoCarn GPLC is most beneficial for cardiovascular health, it also supports the production of cellular energy in lean muscle tissues throughout the body. For active individuals, GlycoCarn provides the nourishment all muscles need to recover quickly after strenuous activity, burn calories to maintain lean mass, reduce fatigue and fight the production of free radicals that result through normal energy metabolism.

  • Fast-acting, optimum bioavailability
  • The form found most concentrated in heart tissue
  • Supports cellular energy for muscular health and endurance