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Experience the Amazing Benefits of Gamma Tocopherols

Enhance your health with the super-strength antioxidant force of 750 mg of gamma tocopherol! Swanson Ultra Gamma Tocopherol offers one of the highest potencies available of this important form of vitamin E. Gamma tocopherol is quickly becoming the most popular form of vitamin E due to its association with prostate and colon health, plus its ability to promote cardio function.

Recent evidence shows that the gamma form of vitamin E may be more important to overall protection than the alpha form. Gamma tocopherol is more rapidly taken up and turned over in the tissues than is alpha tocopherol.

Cardiovascular health—Researchers found that gamma tocopherol was more effective than the alpha form in reducing several events associated with oxidative stress. Higher tissue concentrations of gamma tocopherol are associated with improved cardiovascular wellness.

Antioxidant power—In several studies, the alpha form of vitamin E often worked better when combined with gamma tocopherol for antioxidant protection, and others showed it offered even greater protection from free radicals in some parts of the body, especially the prostate, colon and lungs.

Prostate and colon—Gamma tocopherol may play an important role in the cellular health of the colon and prostate. New studies have shown that gamma tocopherol can protect colon cells, possibly because gamma tocopherol appears in higher concentrations in the bowel than in the blood. Gamma tocopherol has shown to protect prostate and lung cells from free-radical damage.

Breast tissue health—Evidence indicates that women who consume the most dietary vitamin E, which consists of mostly gamma tocopherol, are able to help promote healthy breast tissue and cellular growth.

Swanson Ultra Maximum-Strength Gamma Tocopherol is a potent 750 mg of natural gamma tocopherol combined with natural alpha tocopherol and two other important forms of vitamin E, providing the utmost antioxidant, cardiac and cellular health protection.