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Clinically Validated Support for Men's Health and Performance

If you watch TV, you know that thousands of men are looking for ways to boost testosterone and maintain youthful vigor. If you read the news, you know that many testosterone solutions don't quite measure up on the benefit-to-risk scale. Luckily, one supplement does. Clinically researched LJ100® Eurycoma Longifolia Extract safely and effectively supports men's health and performance by promoting optimal testosterone levels.

What is Eurycoma Longifolia?

You may not have heard of this historic East Asian herb, but you may recognize its common name, Tongkat Ali. Found throughout Southeast Asia, Eurycoma has a particularly rich history in Malaysia, where it's been used historically to stimulate passion and support performance for centuries. LJ100, however, is not your average Eurycoma. Patented and clinically validated, LJ100 represents the union of modern science with the wisdom indigenous of tradition.

Male Menopause? Yes, Andropause is Real

While the idea of a "male menopause" was once a hotly debated subject, the scientific consensus now is that men do in fact experience a biological shift later in life. This period is characterized biologically by limited available testosterone that can manifest as lower energy, reduced libido and sexual function, and more. Many men accept andropause as an unavoidable fact of life. Others fight back. For those ready to step into the ring, LJ100 provides the power to reclaim youthful vigor and emerge victorious against Father Time.

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LJ100 Eurycoma Longifolia Extract is standardized to glyco saponins and a unique family of compounds called "eurypeptides," which are believed to be responsible for the herb's astonishing benefits. As men age, it's not necessarily a lack of testosterone itself that causes us to wane, but rather a lack of free testosterone that the body can use. Eurycoma is believed to support the release of free testosterone, a theory supported by numerous scientific investigations.

One study measured salivary testosterone in physically active men during a 24-hour biking event. Testosterone levels in those who received LJ100 rose over 16% more than in those who received a placebo (see graph)1.

Another study published in 2013 in the journal Phytotherapy Research recorded an average 15% increase in total testosterone and a 61% increase in free testosterone in 13 physically active male seniors (57-72 years) taking 400 mg of LJ100 daily for 5 weeks2.

Free to Love Again

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Its unique ability to stimulate libido and support sexual function is what earned Eurycoma its reputation long ago, a reputation that is proving true in modern research. 

As the only patented research-supported Eurycoma extract available today, LJ100 is the right choice for men seeking to renew youthful energy, performance and passion. Free your testosterone and free yourself with new Maximum Strength Eurycoma Longifolia Extract from the Swanson Passion line featuring LJ100.

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