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Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol—The Ultimate Energizing Combo for Mind and Body

Two Crucial Nutrients for Ageless Vitality in High-Absorption Softgels

Optimize your mental and physical vitality at any age with the dual-action, energizing nutrition of Swanson Ultra® Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol. One of the most common age-related health complaints among both men and women as they grow older is a loss of general vitality. As the years go by, even those of us who are generally in good health often find that we don’t have the energy and stamina—mental or physical—that we had in our younger years. This can have a negative impact not just on our day-to-day activities, but even on our long-term well-being because when our energy levels are low, we often don’t get the kind of regular mental and physical exercise necessary to maintain sound health in body and mind. Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol is formulated to address that problem by combining two of the most promising supplemental nutrients for promoting energy production at the cellular level so you can maintain youthful vigor in defiance of Father Time.

Kaneka QH Ubiquinol

PQQ: Age-Proofing Support for Mitochondrial Function

Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol addresses the issues of mental and physical energy at the most fundamental level: cellular mitochondrial function. The mitochondria function as miniature power plants, providing the energy for all cellular processes. Thus, maintaining healthy mitochondria is crucial for mental and physical well-being. PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a vitamin-like compound that has emerged as one of the most promising nutrients for mitochondrial support, not only protecting the mitochondria against oxidative stress, but actually promoting the generation of new mitochondria within aging cells through a process known as mitochondrial biogenesis which is normally only achievable through intense aerobic exercise. This means PQQ may be helpful for protecting the brain, heart and other organs with high-energy requirements well into advanced years, especially for people whose health or physical limitations make strenuous exercise difficult.

Ubiquinol: the High-Performance Cellular “Spark Plug”

A central factor in mitochondrial energy production is the availability of a compound known as coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10, also known as “ubiquinone” because it is ubiquitous—found everywhere—in the human body) and its reduced, active form, ubiquinol. Ubiquinol acts as a sort of biochemical “sparkplug” within the mitochondria, igniting the process of energy production. As we grow older, the body’s natural production of CoQ10 decreases, which is why many individuals turn to CoQ10 supplements to stave off age-related decline. The problem is, our ability to convert CoQ10 into its active, ubiquinol form also decreases with age, limiting the effectiveness of conventional CoQ10 supplements in older individuals. Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol features Kaneka QH® enhanced bioactivity CoQ10, the reduced, ubiquinol form of CoQ10. It’s produced through a yeast fermentation process that yields a 100% natural, GMO-free product, with none of the impurities often found in synthetically processed CoQ10 supplements.

The Perfect Combination for Optimal Energy

The unique combination of nutrients in Enhanced PQQ with Ubiquinol reflects the latest scientific advances in nutrition and mitochondrial function and their role in healthy aging. With PQQ to protect existing mitochondria and promote mitochondrial biogenesis and ubiquinol to support mitochondrial energy output, just one softgel per day is all you need for ageless mental and physical vitality.