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Swanson Ultra Energy C with Electrolytes—The Energizing Alternative for Rapid Response to Life's Little Emergencies

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

For years the market for fast-acting effervescent vitamin C drink mixes has been dominated by one familiar brand. Now, Swanson Ultra® is changing the game with new 1,000 mg Energy C with Electrolytes featuring advanced Transport-C PLUS®. Unlike the higher priced national brands, Energy C contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and includes the added benefit of alpha lipoic acid and key electrolytes that help restore energy, naturally. With Energy C you get more bioavailable energizing nutrition at a low Swanson® price.

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Transport-C PLUS®—A Revolution in Bioavailability

Regular ascorbic acid is a water-soluble nutrient with relatively low bioavailability. Much of it is rendered inactive by oxidation before it even enters our system. Plus, ascorbic acid is highly acidic and potentially irritating to those with sensitive stomachs. Transport-C PLUS provides an innovative solution by complexing non-acidic calcium ascorbate with alpha lipoic acid to reduce the loss of active vitamin C caused by oxidation as it enters the bloodstream. Alpha lipoic acid, itself a powerful antioxidant, actually regenerates oxidized vitamin C to keep it working over a longer period of time. The Transport-C PLUS complex is designed to enhance antioxidant activity, prolong vitamin C's benefits and facilitate more rapid, complete cellular uptake.

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In addition to its gentle, acid-neutral vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid, the Transport-C PLUS complex also contains the metabolite threonic acid (threonate) within the calcium ascorbate component. Threonic acid is a natural metabolite of ascorbic acid and is believed to enhance vitamin C's activity. According to in vitro studies conducted during the development of Transport-C PLUS, this unique complex achieves better cellular uptake over time when compared to typical ascorbic acid.

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Electrolytes & Supporting Nutrients Amplify Results

With a full profile of electrolytes—including 200 mg of potassium—Energy C is more than just another vitamin C supplement. Electrolyte minerals provide the "spark" that ignites muscular energy. They also regulate your bodily fluids and create the electrical charge essential for every physiological function. When faced with the demands of an active life, you need electrolytes to keep up. Last but not least, Energy-C also includes energy-promoting B vitamins, the antioxidant flavonoid quercetin and the metabolic trace mineral chromium. These additional nutrients are essential to any well-balanced energizing supplement.

Your Best Value for Daily Energizing Nutrition

If you've been using a name brand vitamin C powder, we hope you'll consider Energy C with Electrolytes as a high-quality, high-value alternative. Naturally flavored and sweetened only with pure stevia, Energy C with Electrolytes is the smart choice for savvy consumers who want the best supplement at the best price—just what you expect from Swanson Health Products®. Try it today and put the emergencies of daily life behind you as you meet your challenges head on with pure, natural energy.