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My Signature Probiotic Delivers Twice the Potency of Leading Brands for Optimum GI Support

Stephen E. Langer, M.D., is a practicing physician in Berkeley, California, and co-author of the best-selling books Solved: The Riddle of Illness and Solved: The Riddle of Weight Loss.

Dr. Steve Langer

Dear Friends,

As a practicing physician for over 40 years, I have dedicated my life and my practice to honoring the healing power within and avoiding synthetic interventions whenever possible in favor of natural products. Finally others are beginning to do the same. It seems everyone is jumping on the probiotic bandwagon.

But beware...

Don't Be Misled by Drugstore Brands

I recently received a mailing from one of America's leading consumer healthcare companies urging me to counsel my patients on the importance of probiotics and to recommend their new probitoic capsules for colon health. I didn't need this advice—I've been using probiotics in my practice for decades. But it did alert me to the fact that many doctors—maybe your doctors—are recommending woefully inadequate products. I'm glad that natural products with sound scientific support are finally being embraced by mainstream practitioners, but many of the products simply don't live up to the promises.

My Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic Delivers Living Nourishment

The microorganisms that live within us can be amazingly powerful. The good ones—known as probiotics—defend our internal environment, facilitate digestion and support our immune system. They are the "microwarriors" that keep us healthy from the inside out. There are literally millions of strains of these beneficial bacteria and billions of them living inside every healthy body.

So why, with so many "good bugs" to be had, would a large drug company encourage me to recommend a product with just three strains? And why would they supply only 1.5 billion CFUs (colony-forming units, or live bacteria) in each capsule?

My Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic includes more than four times the number of strains and over twice the number of CFUs compared to the leading products marketed in clinics and pharmacies today. While some supplements contain only one strain of lactobacillus, my Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic contains eight. While others provide only two strains of bifidobacterium, mine delivers five. Plus, my Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic includes Streptoccocus thermophilus, one of the original probiotics first used in yogurt cultures over 100 years ago.

And that's not all. I've even included prebiotic FOS and ConcenTrace® trace minerals, which you won't find in any off-the-shelf probiotic. Prebiotics and trace minerals are important because not only are most of us missing these nutrients in our diets but they're absolutely vital to the enzymatic processes necessary for healthy digestion and the maintenance of beneficial bacteria.

Trust your gut—give it what it needs for maximum comfort, optimum digestion and strong defense.

Don't be fooled by mass market products that over-promise, under-deliver and cost more than they should. I designed this signature formula to meet my professional standards and I guarantee you'll feel the results in just one month. It's the ultimate probiotic at a truly affordable price.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Stephen Langer, M.D.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic

  • Does this probiotic deteriorate if it's not kept in the refrigerator?
    No. It doesn't. Special strains are selected for their hardiness and sustained shelf life. They will thrive in the human body at 98.6 degrees, they are not so fragile as to have to be refrigerated.
  • Is there any third party or other testing that shows a high survival rate of the probiotics and is there still a good count after sitting on the shelves for a year?
    We do have 3rd party testing and results have been exceptional after a year from manufacture, which is our guarantee.
  • The bottle lists a "Manufacture Date." When does it expire? How long is it good for?
    The bacteria strains in this probiotic are selected for their heartiness and stability. They can be stable for 1-2 years easily from the manufacture (mfg) date depending on how they are stored.
  • Is this product heat sensitive? I live in a warm climate, so will the bacteria be dead by the time my order arrives at my doorstep?
    Our Swanson brand probiotics are very durable. There is very little to no damage done to our probiotics in the short amount of time it takes us to ship our products to our customers.
  • I noticed it does not say children can't take this product. Can we give this product to our 11 year old?
    Most of our products are formulated for adults unless they specify otherwise. We would encourage you took at the probiotics featured in our children's category.
  • Can this be given to dogs, too, or is it strictly for humans?
    This product is designed for humans. We would advise consulting with your dog's vet about the safety of giving this product to your dog.
  • Does this have animal sources or is it vegan?
    There are no animal sourced ingredients in this product.
  • Can you clarify the total amount of live bacteria?
    The amount of live bacteria stated on the label is the total amount after the entire production process is complete.
  • Is the alfalfa non-GMO? And is the pill designed to withstand stomach acid and release in the intestine?
    Yes to both! Yes, the capsule is a DR capsule (Designed Release) designed to release in the small intestines. And yes, the source of the alfalfa is from ConcenTrace® Alfalfa, non-GMO.