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Go the Distance with Legendary Marathoner Dick Beardsley's New Swanson® Fit Drink Mix

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products

Lee Swanson

Dick Beardsley is a best-selling author and champion—in running and in life. Dick is the 3rd fastest American-born runner in the marathon distance, running 2:08:53 in the 1982 Boston Marathon. Best known for his 1982 Boston Marathon "Duel in the Sun" with Alberto Salazar, Dick is also a two-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier. He is a two-time winner and course record holder of the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, winner of the first London Marathon in 1981 and the course record holder for the Napa Valley Marathon. But Dick is more than a running champion. He is a fighter. After a series of near-fatal accidents and a journey of self-discovery, Dick has turned his life around. Today, with two knee replacements, Dick is enjoying his running more than ever and has become an avid cyclist, adding duathlons and triathlons to his lifestyle.

Dick Beardsley

Dick Beardsley

Did you know that Swanson's hometown of Fargo, ND, is host to one of the fastest-growing marathons in the country? Now a qualifying event for the world-famous Boston Marathon, the Fargo Marathon will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014. For the last six years, Swanson has been a proud Fargo Marathon partner, sponsoring the Swanson® Health & Fitness Expo surrounding the event. This year we were joined by marathon legend Dick Beardsley, who chose Swanson to introduce his first fitness supplement ever—Dick Beardsley's Endurance & Recovery Lactic Acid-Reducing Formula in convenient stick packets.

Expo 2013

Dick Beardsley (second from left) with Swanson Health Products representatives and local newscaster John Trierweiler (second from right) at the 2013 Swanson Health & Fitness Expo, Fargo ND.

Dick Beardsley—A True American Champion

Dick Beardsley is among the most elite American athletes of all time. A true champion in running and in life, Dick is the 3rd fastest American-born runner in the marathon distance, running 2:08:53 in the 1982 Boston Marathon, a race that culminated in the now famous "Duel in the Sun" against Alberto Salazar. A two-time Olympic qualifier, Dick is also the course record holder and two-time winner of the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN, winner of the first London Marathon and course record holder of the Napa Valley Marathon.

But Dick is more than a running champion; he's an inspiration. After a series of near-fatal accidents that left him physically ravaged and addicted to prescription painkillers, Dick turned his life around. His book, Staying the Course: A Runner's Toughest Race, gives hope to those struggling with personal challenges and he is in high demand as a motivational/inspirational speaker. Today, with two knee replacements, Dick continues to run every day and has become an avid cyclist, adding duathlons and triathlons to his lifestyle.

Swanson & Beardsley—A Natural Fit

Who better to introduce the new Swanson® Fit brand than homegrown legend Dick Beardsley? Dick grew up in a small farming community near Fargo, just across the Red River in Minnesota, close enough to be considered a local celebrity. Though now residing in Texas, he maintains strong ties to the region and visits regularly. Exuberant in everything he does, Dick was thrilled to partner with Swanson Health Products® to create his signature Endurance & Recovery Drink Mix.

Dick Beardsley quote

"I'm not a businessman," says Dick. "I never considered selling a fitness supplement. But when approached by Swanson, it just made sense. There's so much junk out there, and most people don't realize what they're putting into their bodies. I figured if anyone could come up with a healthy alternative to popular fitness products, Swanson Health Products would be the one."

Likewise, we here at Swanson couldn't have found a more like-minded partner. Like Jack LaLanne, Dick Beardsley overcame adversity and the dangers of modern medicine to develop a healthy lifestyle that inspires others. During his appearance at the Swanson Health & Fitness Expo, we marveled at his friendly ease and obvious compassion for the thousands of fans who stopped by to say hi, grab some samples and snap a photo. Dick is not only an elite athlete; he's an elite human being who leads by example. He is a true inspiration to us all.

Break "the Wall" and Keep Going...Naturally

As Dick says, the greatest challenge for marathon runners and anyone engaging in endurance sports, is "hitting the wall." After his second marathon, he explained it this way: "It felt like an elephant had jumped out of a tree onto my shoulders and was making me carry it the rest of the way in." Dick Beardsley's Endurance & Recovery Lactic Acid-Reducing Drink Mix was developed to help you break through the wall, keep on going and recover quickly.

One reason athletes hit the wall is the buildup of lactic acid, a natural byproduct of our anaerobic energy system. While the physiology is complex and debate continues over the role and potential harm of lactic acid buildup, it's clear to any endurance athlete that controlling lactic acid is beneficial to overall performance. Notes Dick, novice athletes and weekend warriors have even more to gain by managing lactic acid levels: "The second marathon...that was the worst wall I ever hit. I failed to condition properly, eat right and hydrate appropriately. It was definitely a learning experience and, since I wrote about it in my book, it's become a classic cautionary tale for marathoners."

Dick's Endurance & Recovery Drink Mix features Alka-Plex™ technology, which unites alkalizing electrolytes in a unique bonded matrix that works fast to neutralize excess acid. It's been put to the test in a variety of clinical studies with athletes in a variety of sports, all of which demonstrate significant benefits before, during and after exercise.

During development, we sent Dick a pilot sample for his review. He answered via email: "I really really like it! It was a very humid morning on Saturday for the Disney Half Marathon but I had no dehydration or energy problems at all! I was fortunate to place first in my age division (55-59). Many folks were having major dehydration problems." He has since noticed that he rebounds much more quickly with less after-effects (a huge benefit, he says, for older athletes) and he rarely runs without his Endurance & Recovery Drink Mix at the ready.

Energy & Balance for Every Body

You don't have to be a marathon runner or even an aspiring athlete to enjoy the alkalizing, hydrating benefits of Dick Beardsley's Endurance & Recovery Drink Mix. As Dick's story shows, life itself can feel like a race. At just a dollar per serving (simply add one stick packet to your water bottle), it's an affordable alternative to expensive, sugar-laden ready-to-drink beverages. Dick's Endurance & Recovery Drink Mix is perfect for everybody regardless of age or activity level. Give it a try and put the wind at your back in the race of life.