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Chlorella Growth Factor is the Ultimate Supplement for Cell Repair, Renewal and Rejuvenation

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

The one area of my working life as President of Swanson Health Products that I truly love and enjoy is the development of exciting new cutting-edge products that will benefit the health of you, our valued customers. Rarely, if ever, in my 36 years in the natural health field have I been more excited about a new product as I am about Swanson Kyoto® Brand Chlorella Growth Factor. If you haven’t heard of Chlorella Growth Factor before, it’s truly a “Wonder Supplement.” I consider it without question the finest natural health product ever for cellular repair and rejuvenation.

The problem has been that up until now Chlorella Growth Factor was only found in natural chlorella cells and, even then, only in a concentration of 15-20%. For the past two years I have personally been working on and developing with my Japanese business partner, Kyoto Chlorella Company, an exclusive, proprietary method to extract Chlorella Growth Factor from the chlorella cell. Developing the procedure for extracting CGF from whole chlorella was a long and arduous process, but finally last fall we perfected the manufacturing techniques to do just that.