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Introducing Calamarine®—The Next Generation Omega-3 with High DHA

Dr. Asgeir Sæbø

Dr. Asgeir Sæbø

Asgeir Sæbø is co-founder and research director of Pharma Marine in Norway, producers of high DHA Calamarine®, the exclusive calamari oil found in new Super DHA 500 from Swanson® EFAs. Mr. Sæbø has over 15 years of experience in fish oil production and Pharma Marine holds a number of patents for marine oil composition, concentration and purification processes.

Since world-renowned scientist Dr. Jørn Dyerberg began studying the Inuit population of Greenland in the early 1970s, leading to the publication of the first landmark study suggesting the importance of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs), these once overlooked nutrients have become big news and big business.

Today, research continues to bring new knowledge about the benefits of marine oils and EFAs at the same time that renewed scrutiny of fishing practices and concerns of sustainability threaten to alter the environment and the marketplace. Now is the time for Calamarine, the next generation, eco-friendly, sustainable omega-3 supplement that naturally offers more DHA than any other marine source.

DHA—The Master Omega-3

Dr. Dyerberg and Lee Swanson

Jørn Dyerberg, M.D. with Lee Swanson

Omega-3 science is rather complex, but most interested individuals recognize the big players, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), present in marine oils. While most fish oils provide more EPA than DHA, the evidence now shows that DHA is the body's preferred omega-3.

Because omega-3 fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the body, their importance in the diet cannot be overlooked. And while the body can convert a nominal amount of plant-derived ALA and marine-derived EPA into DHA, it's an inefficient system. Since 95 percent or more of the omega-3 found in our brains and our eyes is in the form of DHA, and our blood levels are three to four times that of EPA, it just makes sense to give the body more of what it needs in the form in which it is needed.

DHA/Serving chart

DHA has been shown to be an important factor in maternal and childhood development, brain health, eye health, cardiovascular health and more. Calamari oil, the raw source of Calamarine, is unique among marine oils in that its DHA content can reach 50 percent by weight. Calamarine, the highly-purified, refined calamari oil in Swanson® EFAs Super DHA 500, is the only marine oil that naturally delivers this preferred source of omega-3 in high concentration.

An Eco-Friendly, Certified Sustainable Supplement

Unlike typical fish oils, which are often produced using industrial byproducts and trawl or net-caught fish, Calamarine is produced only with food-grade calamari trimmings. Like krill, calamari squid have a short lifespan and a high growth rate, which not only contributes to their superior omega-3 content but also favorably influences their survival and proliferation.

Friend of the Sea logo

Even at today's fishing levels, the total biomass of calamari continues to grow. And unlike krill, the calamari used in making Calamarine is not trawled or harvested by industrial means; rather, it is fished by hookline predominantly by small, locally operated Norwegian-based artisanal vessels. That means no harm to other species and only minimal environmental impact of any kind. Friend of the Sea®, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of marine habitats, has presented Calamarine with a certificate of sustainability, guaranteeing that it is truly an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly supplement.

Norwegian Expertise, Zero Carbon Footprint Production

The staff at Norway's Pharma Marine and their U.S. counterparts, Marine Ingredients, have over 150 years of combined experience in omega-3 manufacturing. Many of the advances in omega-3 science and supplementation started right in their little village in Norway. The new facility where Calamarine is produced is among the most modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the world. A truly "green" facility, it operates with the goal of maintaining a zero carbon footprint through practices such as using by-products of production as fuel. No other producer goes to such lengths to ensure a complete, environmentally friendly product.


The calamari used in Calamarine is line-caught by small local vessels like these

The Future of Omega-3 is Here

Calamarine is the subject of several pending patents covering the extraction, purification and use of calamari oil for omega-3 supplementation. No other omega-3 supplement gives you such a high concentration of naturally occurring DHA from such an abundant source. No other supplement gives you such an iron-clad guarantee of sustainability. Over a decade in the making, Calamarine represents the absolute cutting edge, the future of marine oil supplements. Support your good health—and the health of the sea—for years to come by choosing Super DHA 500 from Calamari as your omega-3 supplement.