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Swanson Introduces C-120X for Weight Loss Support

"My new Ultimate Carb Control C-120X will work for you—I guarantee you'll lose those unwanted pounds"

Terry Lemerond

Terry Lemerond, founder and former President and owner of Enzymatic Therapy, has devoted the last 30 years of his life to traveling the world in search of innovative new health products that have improved the health of millions around the globe. Terry was the first to introduce to America many of today's most popular natural health products, including glucosamine sulfate, standardized saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba. Following in that tradition, Terry recently discovered a super-concentrated weight loss formula from Europe that sets a new standard for carb control. In this exclusive Swanson interview, Terry shares the details of his amazing discovery.

Terry, we understand you've returned from Europe with an exciting new concept in weight loss. What can you tell us about it?

Lemerond: The concept behind this product, which I call Ultimate Carb Control C-120X, is that by taking a very small 2 mg pill, a person can block the enzyme amylase, which is normally used to break down carbohydrates. When C-120X is taken with a meal, a person can eat carbohydrates, but because the amylase enzyme is blocked, some of the carbohydrates cannot be digested and therefore pass through the GI tract much like fiber. A person feels full, but because the carbohydrates are not digested and absorbed you do not see the problems you would normally associate with a high carbohydrate meal.

C-120X Info

Can you explain to our readers why a high carbohydrate diet can contribute to weight gain?

Lemerond: Sure. Carbohydrates, which can be either starch or sugar, are one of the three basic categories of food, along with protein and fat. Unlike protein and fat, which the body uses to rebuild itself, carbs have only one purpose and that's as fuel for the body. When we consume carbohydrates in excess of what is required for our energy needs, they're going to be stored for future use in the form of fat.

There are lots of carb blocker products on the market today. What makes your new Ultimate Carb Control C-120X so different?

Lemerond: My new C-120X features phaseolamin, derived from the white kidney bean. And while there are other white kidney bean carb blockers out there, what sets C-120X apart is that it's a highly purified form.

Why is it so effective?

Lemerond: My partners in Europe, whom I worked with to develop Ultimate Carb Control C-120X, have really taken the technology of processing the white kidney bean to a much higher level. The most popular white kidney bean extract on the U.S. market today is really not that purified a form. I think the recommended dosage is 1,500 mg before each meal. This is a large dose, and the reason for that is that it takes a lot of initial material to get a significant amount through the digestive tract because it is an enzyme and is digested in the gut. So, in order to get even a small amount through, you have to overwhelm the system with that large 1,500 mg dose. Ultimate Carb Control C-120X is completely different. Working with my partners in Europe, we came up with an extract so highly concentrated that you need just a few milligrams per meal to equal the 1,500 mg required by other carb blockers.

What is the potency of Ultimate Carb Control C-120X and what's the recommended dosage?

Lemerond: The potency of each tablet is only 2 mg and the recommended dosage is one tablet with a meal.

Do you have to take it before a meal?

Lemerond: No—that's the beauty of it. You can take it with your meal and, because it's enteric coated, it's going to get into the lower intestines intact. So you don't have to take it before a meal; take it with the meal itself. The tablet is timed so it will release when the carbohydrates are in the lower intestines.

And how many grams of carbohydrates will each 2 mg tablet help neutralize?

Lemerond: Our laboratory studies show that one 2 mg tablet of C-120X will block between 50 and 75 grams of carbohydrates.

For a 2 mg tablet to block 50 grams of carbohydrate...that's almost 25,000 times its weight. Your new C-120X is a potent little tablet

C-120X Info 2

Lemerond: It sure is. Most of the people that have used this product in Europe have had great results. It's really phenomenal the success we've had with this product.

So what you're saying is that your little 2 mg Ultimate Carb Control tablet is just as effective as the 1,500 mg dosage recommended by your nearest competitor's product.

Lemerond: Yes, that's right, but even more so. Our C-120X tablets are so highly purified that all it takes is just one small 2 mg tablet with a meal.

How is Ultimate Carb Control C-120X produced?

Lemerond: It's a water-based extract and absolutely no solvents are used in the processing. The white kidney beans we use in manufacturing are also non-GMO, so it's as natural and pure a product as you're going to get.

How did you come up with the name Ultimate Carb Control C-120X?

Lemerond: Basically, Ultimate Carb Control is 120 times more powerful than our previous carb blocker, which was so successful over in Europe. Our C-120X tablet is the next generation in weight loss, and by producing a totally pure and natural product that is 120 times stronger than our previous product, we've really raised the bar in producing a product that's not only guaranteed to work but is easy to take as well.

Is C-120X patented?

Lemerond: Yes, and I own the patent for the U.S. market.

How do you recommend using Ultimate Carb Control?

Lemerond: Well, if you don't have a lot of carbs in a particular meal, you don't need to take a tablet. But if I sat down to a huge plate of pasta or a big Italian dinner, then I would take one. It depends on the individual meal. I would recommend taking one C-120X tablet with every high-carbohydrate meal until your weight loss goals are achieved. The beauty of the C-120X tablets is they're so small that they're easy to carry with you and convenient to take.

In closing, what else would you like to tell our readers about Ultimate Carb Control C-120X?

Lemerond: Unlike so many other weight loss products on the market today, my new C-120X tablets really do work. If you eat a sensible diet and get regular exercise, then add my Ultimate Carb Control tablets as a dietary supplement you will lose those unwanted pounds. I've always stood behind every product that carries my name, and if anyone who buys my Ultimate Carb Control C-120X is not completely satisfied with their results, they can call Swanson for a full refund of the purchase price. It took my European partners and I over a year to develop C-120X. With the solid research behind the product and the thousands of success stories from Europe, I believe C-120X will become the standard by which all other weight loss supplements are judged because it's incredibly effective.