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Lee Swanson Signature Ultimate Bone Health Formula with Bonolive™ and KoACT®

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

Since the introduction of my Lee Swanson Signature Line in 2004, I've endeavored to formulate only the highest-quality, scientifically validated condition-specific dietary supplements based on my own personal use. These formulations are painstakingly researched and carefully crafted to meet my stringent specifications. My Ultimate Bone Health Formula is no exception. Three years in the making, this formula is based on the latest research and includes the most cutting-edge ingredients available for comprehensive, natural bone health support. Suitable for both men and women, this product comes with my personal guarantee. I take it every day, and it's a lot more convenient than taking each ingredient in individual capsules. I'm confident in the results, and I know you will be too.

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

After 40-plus years in the natural products industry, Lee Swanson is no stranger to the question "What do you take?" The answer is often not as simple as the inquirer might desire. With so much inside knowledge, trial and error and access to the latest research, Lee Swanson's personal supplement regimen is as extensive as it is refined. Lee's Ultimate Bone Health Formula is a shining example of his rigorous research and dedication to quality ingredients. Let's break it down:

1. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2:

The Dynamic Duo of Foundational Support

The first thing everyone thinks of when it comes to bone health is calcium. Calcium, of course, is the primary mineral found in healthy bones and is therefore highly important. But without vitamin D and vitamin K2, it won't be properly absorbed and incorporated into the bones. Vitamin D is absolutely essential to calcium absorption, and vitamin K2 (particularly in the form of Menaquinone-7) is vital to the body's ability to direct it into the bones. In fact, without adequate Menaquinone-7, evidence suggests that a significant amount of calcium may remain in the arteries instead of the bones, where it does more harm than good. Lee's Ultimate Bone Health Formula provides vitamin D and vitamin K in the right proportions to ensure optimal calcium absorption and utilization to promote healthy bones and protect arterial integrity.

2. Calcium, Magnesium & Boron:

The "Holy Trinity" of Bone Minerals

While calcium takes the lead among bone-health minerals in most people's minds, magnesium and boron are equally important. Lee's Ultimate Bone Health Formula includes calcium from two sources: KoACT (which we'll cover in more detail later) and Dr. Paul Lohmann®'s Calcium Lactate PLUS. The latter is the premier form of calcium from Germany's pioneering experts and represents the latest in supplemental calcium science. Calcium Lactate PLUS is a high-purity, highly soluble calcium lactate complexed with malic acid, a natural compound with complementary biological benefits. Calcium lactate is the only form of calcium shown in published research to offer significant bone health support. Malic acid is known to support calcium uptake while supporting calcium-dependent physiological functions. Calcium Lactate PLUS is the European Gold Standard solution for daily calcium supplementation.

Magnesium must be in balance with calcium for each mineral to function properly. The trimagnesium dicitrate in Lee's Ultimate Bone Health Formula also comes from Dr. Paul Lohmann® of Emmerthal, Germany and is the #1 recommended form of magnesium from this centuries-old leader in supplemental minerals.

Boron is perhaps the most overlooked bone-health mineral. It occurs along with calcium in nature, but supplements often have low bioavailability. Lee's Ultimate Bone Health Formula features FruiteX-B,® a patented, nature-identical form of calcium fructoborate as found in plant sources. FruiteX-B has proven itself in numerous scientific studies in which it has been shown to be safe, well-absorbed and effective at producing measurable results.

3. KoACT®:

BonOlive graphic

Better than Calcium Alone

Calcium is the "cement" that makes bones strong, but what is cement without framework? The framework of the bones is the organic protein matrix composed primarily of collagen, and it's this framework that lends flexibility to bone structure. Without this framework, bones become brittle. Revolutionary KoACT is a patented calcium collagen chelate designed to deliver both strength and flexibility like no other supplement.

Your bones consist of two main parts: the inorganic (calcium) and the organic (protein matrix that forms the framework of your bones). KoACT is one of the only supplements that addresses both for complete bone strength maintenance.

4. Bonolive™:

The First Modern Olive-Based Nutraceutical for Bone Health

Olives have held an esteemed position in the Mediterranean diet for centuries. Today, modern science continues to confirm the benefits ancient societies ascribed to this unique fruit. The latest advancements in olive science concern bone health, as represented in revolutionary Bonolive, the first scientifically confirmed bone-nourishing supplement featuring olive polyphenols.

In laboratory research, Bonolive has been shown to promote a healthy balance of osteoblasts, which help build bone, and osteoclasts, which break it down. In human trials, this effect was confirmed by measuring osteocalcin, a protein marker for osteoblast (bone forming) activity. As you can see from the chart shown, Bonolive supplementation results in a marked increase in osteocalcin compared to placebo, indicating clinically relevant bone health support.

No other dietary ingredient on the market today performs in the same manner, to the same degree, as Bonolive. No bone health supplement would be complete without it, and Lee's Signature Ultimate Bone Health Formula is the only comprehensive supplement that includes Bonolive with all the major dietary components for complete bone care.

BonOlive vs Placebo graph

5. Lee's Bone Renewal Herbal Blend

The final component in Lee's complete solution to healthy bones is a selection of herbs known since time immemorial to nourish and support our skeletal structure and the systems that defend it. This blend includes Astragalus, Cuscuta and Rehmannia—not exactly the most commonly recognized herbs but those with the most solid historical data and scientific support for bone health benefits.

All the Best—All in One

Only Lee Swanson's Signature Ultimate Bone Health Formula brings you all these cutting-edge ingredients in one easy-to-take dietary supplement. Fitting effective levels of these ingredients in one capsule would simply be impossible, so Lee created an easy-mixing, sugar-free powder that blends easily for a bone-nourishing drink that goes down easy, absorbs readily and works fast to nourish and support bone strength and flexibility. At just about a dollar per day, it's an amazingly affordable option for anyone seeking to promote and maintain strong, healthy bones at any age. Try it today, take it for life, and stand tall against the challenges of age naturally... just like Lee.