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Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar: The "Island of Longevity" Shares its Secret with the World

Dr. Isamu Tengan is a graduate of the Osaka City University Medical School. He currently serves as Hospital Director at the Tougou Medical Center in Ginowan, Okinawa.

Dr. Isamu Tengan

The island of Okinawa is world famous for the remarkable longevity of its citizens. The percentage of people in Okinawa who live to be at least 100 years old is four times the national average in Japan—and Japan has the longest average lifespan of any nation on earth. One of the factors that may contribute to the good health in Okinawa is the popularity of natural health supplements, the most intriguing of which is Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar.

For centuries, the benefits of Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar were known only to the makers of Awamori, a distilled rice drink made exclusively in Okinawa. Moromi black vinegar is the fermented rice mash that is distilled to make Awamori. It has been a longstanding tradition among Awamori distillers to consume this mash as a tonic to promote health and longevity. Eventually, word of its revitalizing properties spread until it became a bestseller throughout Japan.

According to Dr. Isamu Tengan of the Tougou Medical Center in Okinawa, "After food intake, nutrients are absorbed by the body and fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates are metabolized in the liver. Moromi Black Vinegar aids the process of ATP synthesis in energy production after this metabolizing. In order for the mitochondria to produce energy (ATP) in cells, catalytic enzymes are needed… Moromi Black Vinegar provides the enzymes necessary for energy production."

Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar (which is actually light in color, unlike regular Japanese black vinegar used in cooking) is naturally full of B vitamins and essential minerals and contains high concentrations of citric acid and amino acids, with 16 times the amino acid content of regular Japanese vinegar and 43 times as much as apple cider vinegar. These amino acids provide valuable nourishment for healthy skin, muscular strength, mental concentration and metabolism. Its unique nutritional profile makes Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar an outstanding tonic for optimal vitality.