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Himalayan Crystal Salt: The Salt That Makes Life Sweeter

Forget What You "Know" About Salt


During the past few decades Americans have been carrying on a passionate, but presumably illicit, relationship with salt. We adore it. Yet at the same time, we've been told too much salt is bad for us. Every time a salted nut or a kernel of popcorn passes our lips, we feel a twinge of guilt. "I'm so bad!" we lament in remorse.

We vow to read the sodium content on food labels, and conscientiously choose low or no salt foods when possible. Eventually, though, an inborn yearning for salt finds us ripping open and devouring an entire bag of potato chips.

The catchy slogan in the form of a challenge from Frito-Lays, "Betcha can't eat just one," reminds us that we aren't even in control of ourselves when it comes to salty snacks. While many of us find this statement to be hopelessly true, it also identifies a bigger challenge when it comes to our view of salt—the idea of balance.

Salt isn't bad for us! In fact, our bodies couldn't function without it. We're simply not balanced in our approach to salt. It doesn't have to be "all or nothing," nor should it be.

The key to most situations in life is balance, and salt is no exception. Salt in the right form and the right proportion is actually necessary for good health!

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You're about to discover a distinct form of unrefined, unprocessed salt from the mountainous region of Pakistan called Dr. Barbara Hendel's Himalayan Crystal Salt. It's the only form of salt to consume for two main reasons.

Primarily, it's a form of salt that creates energy within the body. Himalayan Crystal Salt also provides valuable minerals and trace elements that may be lacking from regular table salt, referred to as sodium chloride. The body is made from these same elements, and when consumed, they make a surprisingly positive difference in how good a person feels.

Secondly, Himalayan Crystal Salt hasn't been contaminated by a plethora of trash and pollutants that have been carelessly dumped in the oceans, only to ruin much of the precious supply of food and salt from the seas.

Dr. Barbara Hendel Unearths Truth from the Past

Dr. Barbara Hendel

A look at the past helps one understand the true value of salt for us today.

The next time you receive your paycheck, make a mental note that the word "salary" is derived from the Latin word "salarium," meaning "payment in salt." During Rome's heyday as a world empire, soldiers were paid a sum of money specifically to purchase salt.

Salt was literally valued as white gold! Salt on the table meant you were wealthy. Wives and children were sold into slavery for salt. What could possibly make a seemingly simple seasoning so special?

Aside from being hard to come by before the industrial revolution, past generations were more in tune with the significant health benefits of salt in its unrefined state. Their life often depended on it!

Dr. Barbara Hendel, who studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, became fascinated with this aspect of Himalayan Crystal Salt, and she began an intense search into it for use in her holistic health practice.

When Himalayan Crystal Salt is viewed under a microscope, the energy patterns and life force within it are clearly visible. On the contrary, refined, processed sodium chloride shows isolated crystalline components within it. They have no flow of energy among them and no power to stimulate living organisms.

Swanson customers appreciate the quality and love the low price!

"This is an amazing find! I just accidentally discovered this Salt a while back and it is wonderful. It has all the trace elements and taste of the salt I had been paying 4X the price for. Order it! You won't regret it." Reviewed by: snickster

In harmony with laws of physics, this life-giving energy is transferred to consumers of the Himalayan Crystal Salt, increasing their vitality and benefiting every bodily system by enabling them to carry out thousands of bio-processes that require such energy.

The more Dr. Hendel discovered, the more she felt compelled to share her knowledge about Himalayan Crystal Salt with others, clearly explaining in detail how it differs from common table salt and how it helps promote health in our modern world!

The Right Way to Make Salt a Healthy Habit

Reasonably, to maintain health, you have to start with the right stuff.

Starting today, toss the salt in your kitchen cupboard and replace it with energizing Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Substitute Himalayan Crystal Salt for ordinary table salt in all your recipes. Baked goods, breads, main dishes, soups, salad dressing, sauces—everything you prepare by hand—should feature this special life-promoting form of salt.

But don't forget the important watchword discussed earlier—balance. Don't overdo a good thing.

Remember, the emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

Start Each Day with a Healthy Sole

The ideal way to use Himalayan Crystal Salt is in the form of a sole (so-LAY). Drinking the sole when you awake each morning is like getting up on the right side of the bed. It provides the energizing minerals you need daily to recharge your body, and it helps set the stage for a day of vitality.

Essentially, a sole is water saturated with Himalayan Crystal Salt. The sole contains about approximately 26 parts of salt to 100 parts of water. Prepare the water and salt combination in advance (see directions to the right). Each morning place a teaspoon of the sole mixture in a glass and fill with 8 ounces of pure spring water. Drink it immediately or sip it while getting dressed, checking emails or preparing breakfast. The water helps transport the electrolytes throughout the body to all the many places they are needed.

The vibrational energy of the Himalayan Crystal Salt remains in your body for 24 hours.

A teaspoon of sole contains 480 mg of sodium, or 20% of the Daily Reference Value of 2400 mg based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

How to prepare the Sole

Sole is a mixture of water and salt. The object is to saturate the water with dissolved salt so it can't hold anymore. You'll know that you've created sole when there are undissolved salt crystals in the water. You can't oversaturate the water with salt. The crystals will simply drop to the bottom of the container.

  • Place several Himalayan Crystal Salt stones or Himalayan Crystal Salt granules about an inch deep in a glass container. (A canning jar works well.)
  • Cover the salt with two to three inches of pure, spring water. Let the salt dissolve for 24 hours.
  • If all the salt dissolves in 24 hours, add more salt to the container. The sole is finished when the water can no longer dissolve the salt and the salt crystals drop to the bottom of the container. There will always be salt crystals in the jar. It doesn't matter if you have only a few crystals or many. The water is saturated and is now sole.
  • Cover the container to prevent the water from evaporating. Since salt is a natural preservative, the sole will keep forever. It can't spoil or go "bad."

Create Bliss in the Bath

A sole bath with Himalayan Crystal Salt is like soaking in a sea of energy as the body's electrical currents are reactived. No, you won't get electrocuted! But you'll likely notice a sense of intense relaxation after a sole bath. You may even feel tired and exhausted. Try the sole bath on a Friday evening followed by a weekend of rest. By Monday morning you'll experience the good effects as a rejuvenated, more vivacious person!

Here's how you prepare a sole bath:

  1. Pour two pounds of Himalayan Crystal Salt, either the granulated version or the large crystal stones, into an empty, plugged bathtub
  2. Cover the salt with warm water
  3. Let the salt dissolve in the water for half an hour
  4. Fill the tub with warm water no hotter than 98.6 degrees F
  5. Immerse yourself in the water and relax for 30 minutes. Ahhh...
  6. Dry off. Do not put lotion or any other topical preparation on the skin immediately following the bath
  7. Relax for at least another 30 minutes or go to bed

Himalayan Crystal Salt Accessories

Our eye cup is specially designed for comfort.

Our neti pot makes nasal rinses easy.

Prepare a 1% solution by dissolving 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) of salt in 3.5 ounces of water.

You Choose Health when You Choose Swanson Himalayan Crystal Salt

Top chefs at the finest whole foods restaurants in the world view Himalayan Crystal Salt as a superior seasoning and prefer it for its positive effect on their patrons' health.

Raw food enthusiasts embrace Himalayan Crystal Salt not only for its taste but for the energy it provides.

Join the countless number of people enthusiastically switching to the pristine salt from the Himalayan Mountains, as they discover newfound health from a source as old as the earth itself.