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Alkalize Your Body, Energize Your Life

Dr. David Brant Introduces New Swanson® pH Balance Alka-Tone, the Ultimate Alkalizing Drink Mix

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products

Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

Dr. David Brant, D.D.S., is a longtime friend and colleague. A star athlete in high school and college, David never stopped being active. Over the years he has led his sons' hockey teams to many local and regional victories and he continues to advise teams and players to this day.

Dr. David Brant, D. D. S.

Dr. David Brant, D. D. S.

Recently, David came to me with a product unlike anything he had seen before— a patented dietary supplement he felt passionate about both as a dentist and as an athlete. It's called Alka-Plex™, and it's the foundation of our new Swanson pH Balance brand drink mix called Alka-Tone, the Ultimate Alkalizing Formula for Endurance & Recovery. I recently sat down with David to talk about what attracted him to this unique supplement and why he feels it deserves to be "the next big thing."

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

SWANSON: David, you and I go way back, but you've never come to me with a product idea or request before. Why now?

BRANT: Yes, Lee, we've known each other for more years than we'd probably like to admit. I had not approached you prior to this for the simple reason that I had never found a supplement that has as many potential health benefits as this one does. I felt an urgency to share the news of this product because of the benefits that I, my family, friends and patients have experienced. I knew that you would recognize what this product can do for people and be able to help me spread the word more quickly to many more people.

I became aware of Alka-Plex Technology™ through a friend in Atlanta. He raved about the improvements he noticed in his energy levels and general health due to its acid neutralizing powers. He sent me some samples; I tried it, and I was deeply impressed by what I experienced. That fall, while raking leaves in the yard for six hours, I took my Alka-Plex™ drink mix. Normally raking that many leaves for that long would make me stiff and sore the next day. I had no stiffness or soreness!

I was still skeptical and wanted to see if others had the same results that I did. So I gave it to my father, my sister, my sons and a friend to try. I did not tell them exactly what to expect, I just said take this and use it. Alka-Plex™ kept proving itself. It works. At 93, my dad is now more mentally alert and better at participating in conversations with us. My sister and sons are less stiff and tired and have less fatigue from exercise, and my sons notice more energy during hockey games and practices.

In fact, a few times my supply of Alka-Plex™ ran out and my oldest son voiced his strong feelings that he needed his Alka-Plex™; his legs were just "rubber" during his hockey games without it. That is when I started researching Alka-Plex™ with regard to systemic acidity from diet and exercise.

SWANSON: What does acid/alkaline balance (or pH) have to do with energy, performance and recovery?

BRANT: When we exercise our muscles release lactic acid, which contributes to an acid environment within the body. The body must maintain pH balance in order to function optimally. As we become more acidic, many structures and functions within the body can be affected.

Research done at the Seattle Perfomance Medicine Clinic using elite world-class cyclists and a double-blind study done at the Movement Science/Performance Laboratory at Montana State using elite cross country skiers showed that these athletes could exercise 52% longer to the point of exhaustion, had 38% less lactic acid build-up, and had a 35% faster recovery when taking Alka-Plex™. These athletes were also able to rehydrate faster and more thoroughly using Alka-Plex Technology™ water. The researchers noted benefits on metabolic efficiency, mineral absorption, acid neutralization, reduced physical stress, improved sports performance and faster recovery from exercise-induced fatigue.

I firmly believe that a drink with Alka-Plex™ should be used to replace the typical sports drinks that I see being consumed by kids daily at the rinks and other sport venues.

SWANSON: Typical energy and recovery drinks are laden with sugars, caffeine, taurine and other fast-acting ingredients. Alka-Tone has none of these, yet it's remarkably effective. Won't consumers miss the "rush" that those other products provide?

BRANT: Can you believe there are typically 28–36 grams of sugar in the sports drinks we all know?

The sugar defeats the intent of the drink. I don't feel you can adequately recharge the minerals depleted normally during exercise while using a drink laced with sugar. That sugar just causes more acid to impede performance and recovery, just what an athlete doesn't want. Some of the sports drink companies have come out with "zero" formulations touting "no sugar," but they're using artificial sweeteners like saccharin, sucralose or aspartame. These are not good for you, either.

Caffeine and taurine, as you mention, are issues as well. In fact, I read recently that emergency room visits are up substantially for our younger populations due to excessive consumption of energy drinks. Just today I read a Harvard study stating that men who drink one 12 ounce can of soda per day have a 20% increase in cardiovascular health risk.

To me, the "rush" we experience when being active should come from being able to play longer, faster and stronger, and recover more quickly. Those things are a rush in themselves. The sugar/caffeine high just produces that cranky, tired, run-down feeling after it wears off—the crash. With drinks like Alka-Tone there isn't any sugar or caffeine, so there isn't an artificial rush or crash.

SWANSON: You mentioned that your father has benefited by using an Alka-Plex™ product. Why should this be of particular interest to seniors?

BRANT: The fact is that acid/alkaline balance influences our entire physiology no matter age or activity level. My father is in his 90s and, as I said, we've noticed that this product has helped him maintain some clarity and alertness. But it's funny, people's perception of the word "senior." We don't have to be talking about folks in their 80s and 90s. Seniors today are you and me, Lee, the "baby boomers." We're the ones spending thousands on acid neutralizers, metabolic aids and whatnot. We're also the ones consuming a lot of diet soda and things we like to think are healthier but are just the opposite. Alka-Tone is a great alternative to acid-promoting beverages and it's an excellent solution to help those of us in our 50s, 60s and beyond support systemic pH balance.

SWANSON: You've said that as a dentist, you believe that the Akla-Plex™ alkalizing ingredient may have benefits beyond its use in energy and recovery formulas. What are some of the other benefits to alkalizing the body, aside from those we've already discussed?

BRANT: Our bodies use calcium to balance pH systemically. Our modern Western-style diets promote and cause excessive systemic acidity. The drinks we drink—coffee, soda, juices, even milk, cause us to become more acidic. When our pH is out of balance and we are more acidic, enzymes that are normally constructive become destructive. Oxygen delivery to the cells suffers. Research shows that low oxygen delivery to cells is a major risk factor for a wide variety of concerns.

From a periodontal standpoint, there is a lot of research on the benefits of maintaining stable pH balance. We know there are links between periodontal health and heart health, circulatory health, metabolic health and beyond. More research on the links between oral health and systemic health are coming.

Our diets are detrimental to our periodontal health; sugar and refined carbohydrates are not good for our teeth or the rest of our body. As we learn more about the links between oral health and systemic health, we're also learning that we can positively influence oral health by supporting systemic health through proper diet, exercise and the use of dietary supplements. There are several clinical studies citing the promising benefits of nutritional supplements in periodontal care, both direct (within the mouth) and systemic (within the body).

I believe Alka-Tone—with its natural stevia-based sweetener, energizing B-vitamins, electrolytes and Alka-Plex™—presents a breakthrough alternative to typical sport drinks that goes beyond mere athletic support. It promotes total-body wellness in ways those other drinks simply cannot do. Really, besides the fun of sports, the goal of any physical activity is to promote good health. So why would you use a product that interferes with that? Alka-Tone with Alka-Plex™ is the healthy choice. It really is, as you call it, the Ultimate Alkalizing Drink Mix.

SWANSON: David, thank you for bringing our attention to Alka-Plex™ and helping us to introduce Swanson Ultra® Alka-Tone to our customers.

BRANT: It's absolutely my pleasure, Lee. Whether it's a game of hockey or the game of life, I know that Alka-Tone is going to help millions of people of all ages achieve optimum performance and enjoy every activity to the fullest.