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The Mineral Chelate Comes of Age—Introducing TRAACS® from Albion®

Max R. Motyka, M.S., R.Ph

Max R. Motyka, M.S.

For over 50 years the name Albion has been synonymous with quality chelated minerals. Now, in what may be the biggest news in the history of chelate technology, Albion introduces TRAACS—The Real Amino Acid Chelate System—for identifying, validating and certifying true, active mineral amino acid chelates. TRAACS employs breakthrough technological advances, including new, patented testing methodologies, to further underscore the validity of Albion's superior chelated minerals.

What does TRAACS mean to you?

It means that the most scientifically stringent, state-of-the-art system is in place to ensure that the mineral supplements you purchase from Albion are true chelates.

What's so great about a chelate, anyway?

Chelation is the result of minerals becoming chemically bound to amino acids in a very specific manner. Chelation occurs naturally during the digestive process to facilitate transport of minerals across the intestinal wall. Amino acids are not the only "chelators" available, but they are ideal for minerals. The body is very efficient at absorbing individual amino acids and dipeptides (two amino acids linked together through a peptide bond). Metal amino acid chelates resemble these compounds which allows the minerals to be carried in with the amino acids during absorption. Finally, the amino acids, once released from the metal, can be used to build proteins or provide energy.

Nobody can follow in Albion's TRAACS!

Albion holds more patents related to mineral supplements and chelate technology than any other manufacturer out there. Only Albion has developed the ability to closely duplicate the natural chelation process which occurs in the body. Albion has the ability to turn inorganic rocks (mineral sources) into small organic molecules, making them highly bioavailable and therefore more effective.

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