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AjiPure®—Better Amino Acids Make Better Proteins

New Pharmaceutical-Grade AjiPure Aminos from Ajinomoto

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Tom Audette and Lee Swanson (Center) with Tim Osborne and Mike Lish of Ajinomoto

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One year ago, Swanson Health Products® partnered with the only pharmaceutical-grade amino acid producer in America, Ajinomoto, to bring you an array of affordable, natural-source amino acid supplements. Today, our partnership is stronger than ever, and due to many requests from satisfied customers, we’re adding even more great AjiPure aminos.

Quality Production Exemplified

For over 25 years Ajinomoto has produced pharmaceutical-grade amino acids—nearly 990 tons per year—at their U.S. headquarters in North Carolina. Most enter the medical market as IV solutions used in hospitals and clinics or as components used in pharmaceutical preparations. But a small yet quickly growing portion of Ajinomoto’s output is reserved specifically for the natural health marketplace.

One impressive aspect of Ajinomoto’s operations is their commitment to the environment. The plant runs on a “Zero Emissions Program” that enables them to recover 97 percent of the waste products produced and to turn them back into useful resources. The plant itself runs on methane produced by a local landfill, and all waste water is recycled so that none enters the city’s publicly-owned wastewater treatment facilities.

AjiPure—Pure Aminos, Naturally

With over 350 patents, Ajinomoto is truly the world’s innovator when it comes to amino acids. This global powerhouse doesn’t just produce pharmaceutical-grade aminos, they invented the process. All AjiPure amino acids are produced through fermentation using natural raw ingredients—most others are not. As a result, AjiPure amino acids are 99 to 100 percent pure. Impurities in other brands can be six times higher!

Now you can choose from four new individual AjiPure amino acids from Swanson Ultra® Glycine is a biosynthetic intermediate and acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Leucine is an essential amino acid used primarily to nourish and protect muscle tissue. Phenylalanine, also an essential amino acid, is a precursor to neuromodulators and may influence neurohormones involved with moods and mental functioning. Tyrosine is a hormonal precursor also involved in the production and transmission of neurotransmitters essential to mental well-being.