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Introducing Eleven New Swanson® Homeopathic Remedies from Dr. med. Barbara Hendel—Plus 5 Brand New Formulas!

Dr. med. Barbara Hendel studied medicine at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, and has been practicing holistic healthcare for over 20 years

Dr. Barbara Hendel

Dear Swanson customers,
When Lee Swanson asked me to develop an exclusive line of homeopathic medicines for Swanson customers, I was honored and excited for the opportunity. After twenty-plus years of treating patients in Germany using combinations of individual homeopathic remedies, I welcomed the chance to create easy solutions you can select and use successfully on your own.

In addition to new, symptom-specific specialized combination formulas, I’m pleased to introduce two new multiplex homeopathic remedies that offer truly holistic benefits. Mulitplex remedies deliver multiple potencies of a single homeopathic medicine and thus work on multiple levels within the body. For instance, preparations up to 12X work on the physical level; preparations between 13X and 30X affect both the physical and energetic levels; and preparations above 30X work primarily on the energetic and mental levels. With multiplex remedies, we can simultaneously address symptoms that both originate from and/or manifest within the various levels or systems of the body. Plus, multiplex remedies reduce the likelihood of initial worsening of symptoms, which can be common with single-strength preparations.

These medicines are produced through a partnership with one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers of homeopathic products, so you can trust the quality and the care that goes into each and every tablet.

Rhus Tox Multiplex

Did you know that one of the most common reasons people visit a doctor is back pain? Given that, it’s no surprise that Rhus Tox is one of the homeopathic practitioner’s most cherished remedies. Rhus Tox is a homeopathic preparation from the common plant known to most as poison ivy. It’s routinely recommended in cases of muscle and joint rheumatism, lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica.

Back pain and muscle aches are often the result of strain or overuse, but they also manifest in times of mental and/or emotional stress as well. My Rhus Tox multiplex includes a 200X preparation to address this important and often overlooked aspect of physical comfort. Each potency within the formula was selected for its effectiveness on specific symptoms, so whether you’re discomfort is joint related, muscle related or stress induced, you’ll find relief with my all-in-one Rhus Tox multiplex.

Natrum Muriaticum Himalayan Salt of Life Multiple

The homeopathic version of my famous Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natrum Muriaticum truly is the “salt of life.” Indicated for balancing the mind and emotions, easing irritability and restoring energy and “zest” for life, Natrum Muriaticum restores cellular balance through the introduction of trace minerals that carry the energy of the earth within them.

My Natrum Muriaticum is produced using only pure Himalayan Crystal Salt in halite form, the purest crystalline salt in the world. Naturally formed halite crystals are, in essence, nature’s homeopathy—they hold within them all of the elements of the earth and resonate with the energy of the physical world.

In multiplex formulation, Natrum Muriaticum can be helpful for both physical and mental/emotional manifestations of exhaustion. I have found it particularly helpful for post-exercise recovery and restoration. Because it is produced using natural halite-form Himalayan Crystal Salt, my Natrum Muriaticum can be used in the same way as combination Schuessler Salt (cell salt) preparations.