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    Flu Relief
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6 Doses
  • A homeopathic remedy to ease the symptoms of flu

  • Most effective if taken at the first sign of flu

  • An all-natural aid that won't leave you drowsy

Pronounced "o-sil-o-cox-see-num," this world-famous formula from Boiron is "the first thing to take at the first sign of flu." A non-drowsy homeopathic medicine, it's safe and natural, with no drug interactions or other risks associated with over-the-counter synthetic remedies. Oscillococcinum works best when taken at the first signs, so make sure you have some on hand the next time the flu sneaks up on you.

PTPA Award

Product Label

Active ingredient: Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum HPUS 200CK

Inactive ingredients: 0.85 g sucrose, 0.15 g lactose

Use: For temporary relief of symptoms of flu such as fever, chills, body aches and pains.

Directions: (Adults and children 2 years of age and older): Take 1 dose at the onset of symptoms (dissolve entire contents of one tube in mouth). Repeat for 2 more doses at 6 hour intervals.

WARNINGS: Do not use if label sealing the cap is broken. Ask a doctor before use in children under 2 years of age. Stop using this product and consult a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen. As with any drug, if pregnant or nursing a baby, ask a health professional before use. Keep this and all medication out of reach of children.

Diabetics: This product contains sugar.

Terms and Ingredient Definitions

Boiron Oscillococcinum Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Oscillococcinum 4.9 5 26 30
It Works! A friend recommended this product to me and I have to say, I was amazed at how well it really works, at least for me. When I have the slightest feeling like flu or even a possible bad cold, I start taking this homeopathic product right away and exactly according to instructions, and it works exactly according to instructions. I always keep it on hand during the winter months. Swanson has the best price I've found. January 1, 2014
Always Keep Oscilliococcinum on Hand My husband and I always keep Oscilliococcinum on hand and have been successfully using it for years to keep us from coming down with the flu. At the very first signs of flu like symptoms (i.e., muscle aches, sore throat, etc.) we take the 3 doses as directed and successfully avoid getting the flu. It has never failed us! I recommend it to everyone! August 30, 2013
I've used these for years I've used these little beads for years and they really cut the sick time down to the minimum for me. April 29, 2013
Homeopathic Approved by FDA I have been using Oscillococcinum for 16 years, even having a flu shot every year. It works and I trust the quality of the product. December 4, 2012
Excellent and effective Both my boys didn't think this product would help them when they started to come down with cold/flu symptoms, but they took the Boiron Oscillococcinum and never got laid up like they usually do- nor did they have to miss school. I took this when I started to feel achy and tired, when I woke up the next morning, all my symptoms were gone. I'm ordering more and keeping a supply for the future. For the amount of dosages in the box, it is a bit pricey- I would like it if it were cheaper- but if this is my only option, it's worth it. March 22, 2012
Excellent product! Used it last year and recently. Both times worked miracles in shortening a flu duration, and reducing severity of symptoms. January 11, 2012
Will NOT be with out this product I have taken this product for over 10 years and have never found a better price. I order it 6-12 boxes at a time because it seems like I'm always handing a vile to a friend or family member coming down with something...so we "toast" to health and both take some (I don't want to catch a bug a friend is carrying) It has saved many vacations and trips - I don't know if it is jet lag, travel fatigue or whatever - I do not leave home with out it. September 28, 2011
AWESOME PRODUCT! This is one product that has been used in my family and it truly does work! There is always, at least, 2 boxes in our home year round. February 11, 2011
A must have During influenza season, I will never be without this product. January 31, 2011
it works This is the only thing I've ever used that successfully stopped me from getting a cold. Take it when you think you feel one coming and most of the time, you'll head it off successfully. It isn't cheap, but if you want to avoid a cold, it's worth it. January 21, 2011
Great stuff! I stock up on this stuff for myself and my hubby and send it to my kids who will use it. One thinks homeopathic remedies are for the birds, but I tell you this product works! And you cannot beat Swanson's price anywhere that I have seen. December 2, 2010
Great product This is a good product. Very effective. It is unnecessary to take an entire vile though. ONE of those little pills is all you actually need to take. I buy one package and hand out the little viles to my grown kids with direction to take one pill when they are feeling off. The pills won't go bad. I've been using the same vile now for 3 years. Every bit as effective as when I first opened it. November 2, 2010
Fanastic product I cannot say enough about this product. It works not only for stomach flu symptons early on but is just amazing for any digestive upset. At the first sign of any of my families tummy not feeling quite right, they now ASK for Oscillooccinum. (or as they call it, "those little sugar pills.) The beads have a slightly sweet taste and dissolve in moments under the tongue. In our experience, one can expect distinct relief in minutes. I carry some of these vials with me at all times. It is amazing how many times they have come to the rescue of family or friends when we are out and about. August 28, 2010
top product I never go without it when I have the flu. When I was working it made the difference between going or not. Within minutes I feel better. April 11, 2010
Great product Great thing to take when you feel a sickness coming on. Seems to nip it before it can progress. April 4, 2010
Great Price A couple of years ago, a Reiki practitioner recommended this product to me: when she said that Whooping Cough was going around. I take it (several doses) when I feel flu-like symptoms (or a dry cough)--and usually I feel better the next day, if not sooner. This retailer's price is considerably lower than purchasing this product at a health food store or pharmacy (don't let the packaging fool you: the box is far larger than the little plastic bottles which hold the sugar-flavored pellets: which you let melt under your tongue--so they bypass your digestive system, and get into your bloodstream faster). December 11, 2009
This Product Does What It Says! I've used this products for 7 years now. Whether just "coming down" with something, achy or not I use it & have never been disappointed. I am very glad that a friend told me about it. I have told others about it as well. I ALWAYS keep a box on hand! December 8, 2009
Osci Seemed to reduce severity and length of cold. Easy to take, tastes great-like candy. December 2, 2009
Achy, Chilly Feverish... I have taken Boiron's Oscillococcinum when I was feeling Achy, Chilly, Feverish and some other Dwarf names fresulting from seasonal maladies. The tiny pills are fun to take, and had me feeling like Snow White again in no time. The only negative...I had to go back to work too soon. October 23, 2009
Excellent results with oscilloccinum We have been very happy with this product for many years. It has totally driven away sickness in my family and in others I have recommended it to. At the first sign of the flu we take it and it works!!! October 21, 2009
Oscillococcinum I have used Oscillococcinum for years and it has always knocked down an oncoming flu bug if taken at the first symptoms. I always keep several boxes on hand and can’t remember the last time I had the flu. September 25, 2009
Two thumbs up! Our family has been using this product for nearly 20 years. Our girls took it to college with them and we have even given it as Christmas gifts. I can almost feel it revving up my immune system. I've even taken to carrying it around in my purse because you really do have to take it as soon as you start feeling run down, We learned our lesson when we were out all day one time and had to wait till we got home to take it. That's one of the few times, it didn't work for us. I definitely give this product and the great price that you can find it at Swanson's, two thumbs up! August 15, 2009
An ounce of prevention We have had very good success with this product. It must be taken at the onset of symptoms, and can help stave off a full-blown illness. Moreover, homeopathic remedies like this one are gentle and have no side effects -- an important consideration. We will keep Oscillococcinum on hand as a preventive as the cold weather arrives. July 28, 2009
wonderful! I have tried a number of products and have found this one to work best. For me, it cut recovery time in half. I always keep a supply in the house. July 26, 2009
very effective We use this product at the first sign of flu-like symptoms and so far it has knocked it quickly without further increases in symptoms. We routinely also take a range of vitamin, mineral, and herbal products, so we feel this gives us the boost we need when we begin to feel under the weather. July 28, 2008
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