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  • Homeopathic remedy to help alleviate cold symptoms

  • Provides temporary relief for runny nose, sneezing, congestion, sore throat and more

  • A safe, effective, non-drowsy formula
Tackle cold symptoms the natural way with Coldcalm from Boiron. This non-drowsy formula combines nine active homeopathic ingredients to provide temporary relief of sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and minor sore throat. And unlike other cold remedies, Coldcalm has no risk of harmful drug interactions--all you get is safe, effective relief.

Boiron Coldcalm Reviews

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Coldcalm 4.5 5 25 27
Very good for cold symptoms We've been taking this product for years at the onset of any cold-like symptoms and prefer the natural approach whenever it is possible. November 27, 2013
boiron coldcalm follow the instructions and it works October 17, 2013
reduces cold symptoms Have used this product a number of times when I have felt a sore throat and cold coming on and every time it has reduced or eliminated my symptoms. Have recommended to friends and family - they have also had good success with this product. Do wish that instead of taking two tabs, they would just increase the dosage so you could take one. I know I'll go through the better part of the box, but it's worth it to feel better! October 14, 2013
Great Product I have used this product for several years and have always found it of great benefit during the winter season. It has to be taken at the first sign of symptoms to work well, but it has never let me down. May 18, 2013
Can't Live Without It!! As I mentioned in another review, I rarely get colds, but when I do, it's usually a chest cold. The second I feel the sore throat, ear aches, & swollen glands pop up, I start the recommended process of ColdCalm. I make some chicken soup with fresh-squeezed lemon, warm water, and a humidifier. By the next morning I'm able to go to work. I continue taking ColdCalm throughout the work day and feel fairly well. I absolutely love & depend on ColdCalm when I do get a cold. My acupuncturist recommended it several years ago. I highly recommend it to anyone who'll listen. May 3, 2013
Works! If you follow the instructions on the package at the first signs of a cold, it works! Worth the effort to shorten or ward off a nasty cold virus! March 27, 2013
Like it a lot My family and I have been using coldcalm for a couple of years. Many times if taken at the onset of cold symptoms we simply have a few annoying symptoms for the duration of what would have been a cold or flu. I really do believe it lessens the severity more so than the duration. Sometimes we can thwart it off all together, but rarely. Taking this can't hurt, so we do! March 1, 2013
Very Good Product Very good product if taken as soon as symptoms are present. Take as directed and you will be pleased. March 1, 2013
BOIRON COLDCALM All things BOIRON! I rely and benefit from the "balancing of my biology" through the BOIRON products. February 27, 2013
best purchase of all I'm very happy to have discover this product for my family. It is easy to take and we see the change quickly. When I can, I talk about cold calm to my friend. I recommend this one for running nose... very effective. February 14, 2013
Works! I took these exactly as directed on a day when I knew the cold has settled in. By the next morning I was feeling 75% better and by the next day I was back to myself. I have never taken anything with the results I had with Coldcalm. I highly recommend it! January 2, 2013
Good Cold Product Overall a good product to use for colds. It's easy to carry around and take as cold symptoms arise. It's worth trying. Good for adults and children. April 30, 2012
Helpful for colds This has been a helpful product when used at the first sign of a cold. Good value, too. April 1, 2012
Helped me! I take this at the first sign of a cold. Good product from a good company. March 16, 2012
This Works Over the years I have used many many products to avoid catching a cold. Coldcalm works better than any that I have ever tried. I take it with the slightest cold symptom. Usually the symptom will go away; if not, I continue to take Coldcalm until it does. I take Coldcalm with me where ever I go. My daughter and her entire family use Coldcalm with great results. March 14, 2012
Really works At the first sign of a cold, I take Cold Calm according to directions on the package, and my cold either goes away or is shortened significantly. Instead of weeks of sneezing, sniffling, coughing, colds are drastically reduced and over quicker than without it. My whole family uses it. January 15, 2012
Didn't help at all I took these per the instructions at the first sign of a cold. I didn't feel any relief at all, nor did it shorten the duration of my cold. I had to buy something else. Didn't work for me. December 22, 2011
Very Effective They really do work and are easy to carry in your purse or pocket! October 26, 2011
Halts development of Sinus, Cold, Sore Throat I first tried this product at the recommendation of a health store grocery cashier. They use Coldcalm whenever they think they are exposed to someone with a cold and feel symptoms. They told me it works and stops the progression. I first used this product on a cruise. It may not prevent a cold but helps relieve symptoms quickly. March 26, 2011
Boiron Cold Calm homeopathic Sorry, this didn't work for me. I took several doses, as instructed, but no relief. Had to take something else. March 20, 2011
most effective Personally most effective in reducing cold symptoms. I keep a box at work as well as home. January 11, 2011
Works great and fast ! I give this product to my son, 16 and grandson 6. They haven't been sick ! Soon I notice cold coming I gave it to them and they feel fine . I love it ! November 22, 2009
Is your nose running...? I use Coldcalm for any runny nose problems I have, from too much air conditioning, pollen in the park, or even too much spicy.food. The tablets melt in my mouth and work quickly to catch my running nose. It even works for colds. October 23, 2009
Never without I always keep this in the house because you never know when you'll need it. I swear it cuts my recovery time in half and always helps with my symptoms. July 26, 2009
Works! I've used Coldcalm from Boiron for 5 years now and consider it a must-have for my winter 'medicine chest.' August 28, 2008
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