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If you take a large variety of supplements and antioxidants, once or twice a day can you over tax your liver and am I also flushing them away?

Well, what’s the condition of the liver to begin with?  We suggest that if someone has liver problems, they consult their health care provider.  Excessive intake of Vitamin A or Beta Carotene may stress the liver if it’s compromised, and niacin can, also.  So could Red yeast rice. In this case, it would be best to review your supplementation program with your doctor.

Water soluble vitamins may be flushed if you take large amounts at one time.  Periodic intake of smaller amounts through the day would result in better utilization.  Calcium should be consumed at a max of 500-600 mg at a time for best utilization.  Vitamin C should only be taken at 1000 mg or less at a time or it won’t be efficiently utilized. 

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