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Does Swanson Have Fish Oil, Krill Oil and Borage Oil in One Capsule?

Multi-Omega 3-6-9Question: I just read your answer regarding the Krill Oil, on line. Does Swanson have all three oils in one capsule (Fish, Krill and Borage oils)? Or, anything close to it? My OB/GYN doctor recommended to take DHA as a prenatal supplement. I have been taking EFA from QNR. But, I would love to try all three oils in one.


We’ve never seen Krill Oil with Fish and Borage Oil in the same pill and it is a bit redundant to take Fish Oil and Krill Oil together, as they share the most important nutrients of EPA and DHA. We do have one with Fish, Borage, and Flax Oil (which gives more of a variety of those EFAs) as our Multi-Omega, item number SWE020. In addition, if you would want a higher quantity of DHA, we do have our Super-DHA (item number SWE062), which has much more DHA and less EPA than your standard Fish Oil. The Super-DHA would be a fine complement with a borage oil supplement.




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