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The Dangers of Soda: Maybe I Won't Have That Can of Pop...

We've all heard it before: "Soda is bad for you! It rots your teeth! It's empty calories!" etc, etc. But I came across this graphic today that quantifies the 'bad for you' details in a really impactful way.

The first thing that caught my attention was the association with asthma. Last month, a friend of mine in his early thirties died from the lack of oxygen caused by an asthma attack. It was heartbreaking and sudden and shocking -- you just don't think of asthma as something people die from. Now, I'm not saying, "soda killed my friend," but it makes me realize that asthma isn't something you want to mess around with.

The next thing I found alarming was the presence of BPA in soda cans. I've heard plenty about this dangerous chemical being in plastic bottles, but cans, too? You can't get away from this stuff! The note in the graphic brings to mind recent reports about earlier and earlier onset of puberty in American kids. Maybe another reason to keep them away from soda.

Finally, we all know about the sugar crash you get from soda, but this breakdown makes it really hit home. The whole graphic spells out the repercussions for your overall health and wellness -- not just the tooth decay and weight gain, but the impact on respiratory health, bone health, kidney and liver health, blood pressure, and your ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. Click on the image for a bigger version. Anything surprise you?


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