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TGIF -- Thank Goodness It's Flat

I just registered for a two-day, 150-mile bike ride. Yikes.

I am not a serious cyclist by any means. My exposure to the sport mainly consists of looking at the pretty scenery while watching the Tour de France from the comfort of my couch. But, this is for a good cause -- we're raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. My fiance bikes a lot and has done this ride for several years. While he has been asking me to do it, too, I don't think he's sure I will -- or can. Well you don't have to triple-dog-dare me!

So I'm looking at 75 miles a day over some blessedly flat North Dakota terrain. There will be plenty of water breaks along the way and a driver to pick you up if you just can't make it. Any experienced cyclers out there who can give me an idea of what I might need to make it through this?

Luckily, full-on spandex gear is not required. I do want some bike gloves, though -- they definitely help keep your hands from falling asleep. I'm going to try our new Swanson CONTEND energy drink on an upcoming training ride and see how that works. I'll be stocking up on muscle rub creams, too. Any good health supplements or natural health food products you'd recommend to get me through? Any other suggestions for gearing up for a long ride?

Wish me luck!


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