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Courtney’s Employee Order Giveaway [CLOSED]

Ever wanted to know what vitamins, supplements and healthy foods the employees at Swanson Health Products use? Here’s your chance to peek inside an employee order and find out (and win it all)!

Creamy, spicy, Aztec Sweet Chili TeaHere’s my shopping list!

Yogi Aztec Sweet Chili Tea – With a list of ingredients that includes cocoa shells and organic cayenne pepper, this tea has a definite kick to it! I’ve never been one to put milk in my tea, but this blend certainly lends itself to that. Some soy or almond milk and a little bit of sweetener and you have a creamy, spicy, delicious drink. What’s your favorite tea?

Nutrition Now Rhino Calciums – I’m always looking for alternative ways to support my calcium and bone health needs. Unfortunately, I was also really tired of taking 4-6 huge pills to get my RDA. These calcium chews are a perfect option. About the size of a Tootsie-Roll, they come in strawberry, raspberry, and orange flavors and feel more like a snack than a supplement. Dairy-free and vegetarian, two chews supply 1,000 mg of calcium, plus 400 IU of vitamin D. What’s your favorite non-pill supplement?

Rainbow Light Vitamin D Sunny Gummies and Swanson Zinc & C Lozenges – I got both of these for my husband. I’m trying to make subtle tweaks to his not-so-healthy lifestyle, but he absolutely hates taking pills. These have been pleasant-tasting chewable alternatives that have helped him maintain a healthy routine to support his immune health. What are your go-to immune health vitamins?

Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Fresh Mint Toothpaste and Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush – I think it’s the peelu that makes the Auromere toothpaste different. I also like that it doesn’t have the icky baking soda taste that other natural toothpastes have. The Perio toothbrushes have bristles made of polyester instead of nylon; they last longer and feel softer. I admit, I never thought much about a toothbrush, but after reading the reviews on our site, I was intrigued. Between these two products, my teeth are squeaky clean … literally! I can actually hear it. What are your favorite natural dental health products?

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – This caused a stir when it made the rounds in our office. It has a very strong scent. Most people didn’t care for it, but I thought it smelled a bit like a campfire. Perfect for my husband! Now he swears by this stuff to get him through camping’s off-season: not only does it provide the woodsy smell he can’t get because the fire pit’s covered in 6 feet of snow, the formula is much less drying than regular soap – very important in an arid North Dakota winter. What’s your favorite natural soap?

Cleo enjoying Tiki's Puka Puka Luau cat foodTiki Whole Food Cat Food – Our cats get soft food as a treat twice a week. I feel much better giving them Tiki than the processed cheap canned “food.” Tiki Whole Food Cat Food contains no mystery meat, by-product, meal, or other inferior nutrition sources. This stuff actually looks like food: the Manana Grill has little whole shrimp in it (Cleo’s favorite), and the Puka Puka Luau is clearly shredded chicken. The ladies make sure to let us know when it’s treat day! What natural products do your pets love?



To get a chance at winning this package full of my favorite products, simply post a comment below answering one of the questions I asked throughout my post and include the link to the product if possible. Good Luck!

Winners will be picked at random and notified via email. 


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