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Have You Felt Sinus Discomfort this Season?

Professionals predicted this spring & summer would be worse for your sinuses than past years. Weather patterns relating to El Nino, an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes in the Pacific Ocean, created the optimal environment for allergens to flourish and thus wreak havoc on our sinuses. The unusually warm and damp weather this winter led to plants having stronger root systems. The plants then could pollinate earlier than normal and for a longer time. The weather also allowed for more mold to grow.

How can you keep your sinuses clear so you can enjoy the outdoors? Many doctors and other professionals recommend using a neti pot, sinus rinse or a simple saline nasal spray. Regularly cleansing the nasal passages is the best way to help prevent sinus discomfort and encourage easier breathing.

People often opt for aggressive chemical nasal sprays when they look for nasal relief. However, these types of nasal sprays can be more detrimental to health than helpful —they can be habit forming, can cause rebound (condition where the nose more congested after using the nasal spray) and can irritate delicate nasal tissues.

Xlear Nasal Spray is different. Xlear is a natural nasal spray made with saline and xylitol. Xylitol is a natural compound added to the saline in order to safely make the solution hypertonic. The high tonicity of the solution allows it to soothe & comfort nasal tissues. Moisture and saline combine to rinse the nasal and sinus passages of dust and other contaminants. Xlear Nasal Spray is safe for all ages and can be used as much as needed.

In addition to the nasal spray, the Xlear Sinus Care line has a neti pot and rinse bottle. Both use the same natural cleansing solution but offer a more thorough rinse when you need it.

Don’t be afraid to get outside. Get your Xlear today and start breathing better.

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