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Boss Babe Katie's Daily Dose

What does your daily dose of wellness entail? This ongoing blog series will feature some of Swanson’s own leaders, and showcase the health and wellness regimens that keep them shining every day.

Who's up first?

Katie Doyle Swanson Health Products CEO

Katie Doyle, Chief Executive Officer - Swanson Health Products


What inspired you to focus on a career helping people on their health and wellness journeys?

I have built a career focused on helping people along their health and wellness journeys so that they can live their fullest lives, and achieve their dreams. Among the people I love, I have seen the impact of proactive health management on my parents (who are thriving in their 80s), my siblings (my sister is an IronWoman finisher and a breast cancer survivor), my husband (endurance athlete), my girlfriends (trying to juggle it all), and my kids (growing teenagers). We need to nourish our bodies – we only get one!  

katie doyle on bicycle

Katie at the Chicago Triathlon - August 2017


What large health or exercise goals have you accomplished recently?

I finished the Fargo Half Marathon in May - BAM! - and it was such a great experience! I loved running through the streets of Swanson’s home town; it gave me all the feels. I finished my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in August 2017 in Chicago. I love Chicago, so it was such a cool feeling to swim in Lake Michigan, bike up Lake Shore Drive and through lower Wacker, and then run up the lakefront. And now, I’m training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I plan to end the year with some intense yoga training to offset all of this endurance training!


 Katie in Fargo

Katie at the Fargo, ND Half Marathon - May 2017


What are some ways that you live the Swanson mantra “Simply. Healthier. Together.” with your family and community?

  • Simply: I make a point to cut through all the clutter and chaos; I always remember that my ‘North Star’ is and always will be the people in my life.  If I’ve done right by them, then I’ll have lived a fulfilled life.
  • Healthier: I set goals (see above) that help me and my family live even a smidge healthier every year; I focus on the “er” – just a bit “healthi-er” – and never stop!
  • Together: I love my tribe; my kiddos and husband, our extended family, my parents, my girlfriends, my teammates, my community. It takes a village.


Katie with husband

Katie with her husband at the Chicago Triathlon - August 2017


What are your favorite ways to wind down after a long day at the office?

You can usually find me doing one of these three things: meeting friends or teammates along the beautiful Chicago river for laughs; walking, biking or running home along the lakefront; or hanging out with my husband and kids - usually laughing at the day’s events and stories.


Which vitamins/supplements are essential to your wellness routine and why?

I typically take:

  • A Multivitamin – to cover the essentials and provide whole food benefits 
  • Vitamin D - because I live in Chicago where summers run short (the most common and natural way to soak up vitamin D is via sunlight) 
  • Lutein – to bolster my antioxidant intake and support eye health;
  • A Probiotic - to assist with gut health and balance
  • Biotin – to support hair, skin, and nail health
  • Fish Oil – it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can benefit heart health (I have a family history of heart issues


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About Katie C. Doyle

Chief Executive Officer, Swanson Health Products

Katie joined Swanson in 2016, with over 28 years of global experience in advising consumers on health and wellness. In addition, she serves on the Bemis Company, Inc’s Board of Directors as a member of the audit committee.

Her love of wellness extends far beyond her work at Swanson. Married for 21 years, with three teenage children - Katie is a passionate global traveler, and also enjoys running, yoga and kayaking.



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