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Bacopa Monnieri Supplement Benefits

Bacopa MonnieriBacopa Monnieri (or Monniera) is one of those strangely named herbs that doesn’t really have an “Americanized” name like so many others we appreciate today. But more and more people are finding just how well it works. It’s an herb that grows natively in India and has been used by the Ayurvedic practitioners (essentially Indian herbalists) for literally thousands of years.

Thankfully, modern science has verified what these practitioners have known since they were picking leaves off the tree for people to eat. It offer nutritional benefits for memory and focus among other “brain health” benefits. Between clinical studies, various articles that have been written, and even general word of mouth, the word is getting out about this herb so more and more people are finding the benefits of this wonderful brain booster, Bacopa Monnieri.


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