6 Basic Relaxation Techniques

Have you made time to relax today? That thought probably hasn’t crossed your mind at all. Most of us buzz busily through our days under stress without considering relaxation until we collapse on the...
Energy, Stress and Mood |

The 9 Best Supplements for Women

Women have a lot of options for meeting their nutritional needs. So many, in fact, that it can get a little overwhelming to figure out what your body truly needs to stay healthy. And to make it...
Food & Nutrition |

Probiotic Video

Vitamins & Supplements |

Back to School Health Tips

With the first day of school right around the corner, it’s a busy time of the year for parents and children alike. Between shopping for school supplies, picking the perfect backpack, finding an outfit...
Childrens Health |

What’s Trending Now? Buzz-Worthy Updates in Beauty

Have you noticed your social media feed becoming more packed with “shelfies” than selfies lately? You aren’t imagining things. Showing off your top shelf of beauty essentials is all the rage—and this...
Bath & Beauty |

How Much Melatonin Should You Really Be Taking?

Melatonin is one of the most popular sleep supplements in the world. In the US alone, more than 3 million people use melatonin supplements to help them fall asleep and wake up less during the night.1 M...
Sleep Supplements |

Dynamic Duos! 5 Pairs to Amplify Your Wellness

We all have those amazing friends that help us be our best self—and we do the same for them! But did you know that certain nutrients make dynamic duos too? Some supplement pairings amplify each other’s...
Health and Wellness |

What's Your Daily Dose?

Your body needs a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals each day to stay healthy, but how much do you need? And when should you take them? We’re here to answer your most frequently asked questions...
Health and Wellness |

18 Food Replacement Hacks that Make Healthy Eating Easy

Eating healthfully at every single meal can be a challenge, but simply replacing some of your usual pantry staples with healthier options can help in a really big way! When we’re hungry, we tend...
Food & Nutrition |

Top 16 Vitamins & Supplements for Men in their 30s & Men Over 40

Between your 30s and 40s a lot of good things are likely to come your way, including a more established career, stronger relationships, and you may have even started a family. But you’ve probably...
Mens Health |

In Pursuit Of Health: The 49 Wackiest Things We've Done For Wellness

Swanson Health celebrates turning 49 this month by flashing back on wild wellness fads and introduces its new science-backed products that are here to stay FARGO, N.D. and CHICAGO, July 31, 2018...
Swanson Press Releases |

Top 16 Vitamins & Supplements for Women Over 30 & Women Over 40

Getting older just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Sure, it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and take it! There are plenty of healthy ways to combat or smooth over some of the...
Vitamins & Supplements |


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