10 Sleep Supplements & The Science Behind Them

We’ve all had one of those nights—the kind that leaves us staring at the ceiling at 3am or tossing and turning, searching for sleepy solace. It’s bound to happen every once in a while, especially if...
Food & Nutrition |

Spring into Health: Top Nutrients for Fighting Springtime Woes

When you think of spring, images of melting snow, chirping birds and an increasingly greener and livelier landscape most likely come to mind. Unfortunately, for many, these pleasant images also...
Health & Beauty Featured |

Trending Sleeper Nutrients for Heart Health

When it comes to supplements that promote heart and cardio health, you’re probably already familiar with some of the all-stars like CoQ10 supplements and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. But did you...
Food & Nutrition |

Swanson Health Celebrates Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Initiatives that Could Power a Small Village

America’s trusted wellness partner is making changes that prevent almost 2 million pounds of carbon emissions annually, 25,000 pounds of plastic waste each year, and more for an eco-friendly future (FAR...
Swanson Press Releases |

14 Adaptogenic Herbs for Healthy Stress Support

If you're tuned in to health and wellness trends, you've likely heard the word "adaptogen" in recent months. These stress-busting wonder herbs are definitely having a moment. And the popularity...
Energy, Stress and Mood |

Be Heart Smart: Uncover the Cardio Secrets of CoQ10 & Vitamin K2

Your heart works hard to supply a steady flow of blood throughout your body, providing oxygen and nutrients to tissues along the way. In fact, the heart is one of the most energy-consuming organs in...
Food & Nutrition |

Behind the Green Bottle: Corey Bergstrom

In our Behind the Green Bottle series we highlight members of the Swanson community—customers, readers, employees—and what health means to them. Kicking off our first issue is Fargo native and Swanson...
Behind the Green Bottle Series |

What’s the Difference Between L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine?

When it comes to popular amino acid supplements, L-carnitine and acetyl L-carnitine cause quite a bit of confusion. Given their similar names and the fact that they’re both slightly different forms of...
Exercise & Fitness |

Top 10 Mushrooms for Better Health

Mighty mushrooms are making waves in the wellness world. We’re using them as adaptogenic herbs for stress, immune boosters for year-round health, as a source of beauty nutrition and more. From...
Food & Nutrition |

Tips for Healthy Relationships

The health of our relationships affects our physical and mental health in ways we might never expect. Healthy relationships have been linked to better physical and mental health, while...
Healthy Home |

Could L-Serine be a Brain Health Game Changer?

Why all the buzz about L-serine? Word is beginning to spread about some of the research surrounding L-serine and its many benefits. Although L-serine was originally discovered back in 1865, emerging...
Food & Nutrition |

Collagen vs. Gelatin: What's the Difference?

Are you thinking about getting in on the collagen trend? We don’t blame you. It’s hard to say no to a protein that does so much, from helping keep joints healthy to boosting skin hydration and...
Bath & Beauty |


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