Horny Goat Weed—The Story Behind the Name

Horny Goat Weed holds the distinction of having the most obvious name in the history of natural care supplements. You read the name and instantly know what it’s all about. It might be one of the...

USP vs GMP: Quality Standards in the Natural Health Industry

Recently on the CBS Evening News, a statement was made by Dr. Jennifer Ashton that when choosing supplements, consumers need to look for a USP label, which attests to purity and quality. USP is...

A Culinary Change That Can Lead to Weight Loss

Recently it occurred to me to explore ways to promote weight loss that don’t require signing up with a commercial “diet” organization, buying the latest “diet” book, or subscribing to one of the...

Maintaining Weight Loss—A Tough Task

Before I joined SHP and focused my efforts on herbal weight loss programs, I worked for various commercial weight-loss companies. I have been a weight-loss counselor for LA Weight Loss. As a lifetime...

The History and Benefits of Horse Chestnut

The botanical name for Horse Chestnut is Aesculus hippocastanum. It is a large deciduous tree that is native to Northern Greece and Asia, but now also grows in Europe and North America. Many people...

Nutty Broccoli Summer Salad Recipe

  Healthy Nutty Broccoli Salad Other than the sunshine being a great Vitamin D Source, it welcomes summer and all the joys that follow. Scotcharoo bars, brats over the campfire and endless barbeques...
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The Truth About Krill

"Blogging with Lee" 5/22/10:  One of the advantages of the Internet is that it give us the ability to share information instantaneously. What I write in our printed catalog takes nearly three months...

Does the Food Industry Drive You to Overeat?

As a veteran dieter and one who provided professional weight loss help for women, I have long come to view the commercial food industry as an evil giant that manipulates and mesmerizes us into endless...

When Should You Take Your Vitamins?

Health Tips update for Tuesday, May 18:  Making taking your vitamins part of your daily routine can help you remember to take your supplements every day. But what time of day should you take your...

Swanson Is More Than Cheap Vitamins

As President of Swanson Health Products, I have the honor of carrying on my father’s legacy, building on his goal to bring affordable natural health products to everyone in America. Over 40 years...
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What is Aspartame (a.k.a. “artificial sweetener")?

Dieters and natural health shops had waited years for a truly sweet and low-calorie sugar substitute, and they thought they had it when aspartame came along. But soon enough it proved not to be one...


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