25 Epic Breakfast Hashes You'll Want To Wake Up For

  Breakfast hashes are some of my favorite, effortless meals. What’s in a hash? Typically, potatoes (or sweet potatoes), chopped up veggies, some type of protein…all topped with an egg. They’re so...
Food & Nutrition |

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

Swanson Health's Complete Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy may promote relaxation and help relieve stress.1 It has also been used to promote sleep,1 support overall...
Bath & Beauty |

8 Tips for Delicious & Healthy Baked Goods

A balanced diet wouldn’t be complete without a few sweet treats here and there. But not every indulgence needs to break your healthy diet! By educating yourself and becoming familiar with simple...

Tackle Your Spring Cleaning with These 16 Natural Solutions

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, new growth and a new way to clean! If you’re one to partake in spring cleaning, why not take a natural turn this year? Natural cleaning is not only better...
Healthy Home |

Grocery Shopping Guide: How to Keep Your Body Healthy & Your Wallet Fat

  Give Yourself Enough Time to Shop We are often in a big rush to get our grocery shopping done. Perhaps picking up some stuff after work or quickly running an errand on a lunch break. This time crunch...
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DIY Natural Sugar Scrub

How to Use a Sugar Scrub A sugar scrub is used to help smooth out rough skin. Essentially, the sugar granules act as the scrubbing or exfoliating mechanism. To use it, simply massage the sugar scrub in...
Health & Beauty Sidebar |

Top 10 Tested Cleaning Tricks with Lemons

Next time you need to do some clean up around the house, try turning to one ingredient you probably already have on hand – lemons! Lemons are one of nature’s best natural cleaners due to their...
Healthy Home |

Oil Pulling: All Hype Or Is There Something to It?

My First Experience with Oil Pulling Is the secret to better health hiding in the ancient tradition of oil pulling? Could swishing oil around in your mouth really deliver the plethora of promised...
Bath & Beauty |

10 Alternatives to Diet Soda (That Aren’t Water)

Confession: I love diet soda. It doesn’t matter which brand or flavor — if it’s carbonated and contains caffeine, my mouth waters for it. The desire for a caffeine buzz is the main culprit of...

50 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

My first tea post outlined various types of tea along with their brew times, recommended water temperatures and caffeine content. I also looked at the difference between loose leaf and tea bags,...

20 Unconventional Avocado Recipes

  It’s practically common knowledge that avocados are nutritional powerhouses. One avocado has 33% of your daily recommended Vitamin C, 40% daily recommended Folate, 25% daily recommended Vitamin B-6,...
Food & Nutrition |

A Guide to Complete Proteins

  “Complete protein” certainly sounds like something we should be getting more of in our diets, and you’ve probably heard the term in the media before. But do you know what a complete protein is? Our...
Exercise & Fitness |


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