Dry Brushing: What Is It & Does It Really Work?

I’ve heard people rave about dry brushing for years, but rubbing a brush all over my dry skin didn't sound fun to me. Even though I heard it may help support circulation and remove dead skin cells, I...
Bath & Beauty |

How Dangerous Is Your Shampoo or Conditioner?

After doing a post on nail polish toxicity, I decided to research other products for toxic ingredients. I wanted to reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals absorbing into my body, so I knew I had...
Bath & Beauty |

Vitamin D Supplementation for Babies: Is It Needed?

As new (or still expecting) parents, you’ve likely gone through the classes, read the books and asked all the questions of your doctor. You’ve been told that breastfeeding is by far the optimal...
Vitamins & Supplements |

7 Delicious Stress-Busting Foods… Just in Time for the Holidays

Clean the house, buy the presents, wrap the presents, plan the meals, prep the guestrooms, decorate, decorate, decorate. Oh, and don’t forget to send out your Christmas letter, lest any of your in-laws...
Food & Nutrition |

The Top High Fiber Foods - How Many Do You Eat?

Backed Up? Add These High-Fiber Foods to Your Diet When people talk about fiber, it’s usually a slightly tongue-in-cheek reference to staying regular. Well, like any joke, there’s an element of truth in...
Food & Nutrition |

Tips for Disconnecting: Stay Social Without Social Media

We’re in the midst of holiday get-togethers, dinners and parties. We’re hosting, we’re being hosted, we’re struggling to fit all of this social time into an already packed schedule and make it out...
Healthy Home |

Coconut Oil Storage: Single Use Frozen Coconut Oil Cubes

My coworkers at SwansonVitamins.com and I love coconut oil, along with millions of others in the world. Previously, we’ve compiled 50 ways to use coconut oil, shared coconut oil skincare recipes,...
Bath & Beauty |

Natural Beauty Products 101

Switching to Kinder, Natural Personal Care Products If you’ve been curious about what’s really in your makeup and beauty products, the sad reality is that most items from the shelves are not pretty. The...
Bath & Beauty |

Jojoba Oil Uses: Top 10 Uses + 3 DIY Recipes

Natural products are gaining popularity, especially when it comes to skincare. People are becoming more aware of the ingredients in various products, for better or worse. Jojoba oil (ho-HO-ba) is one...
Bath & Beauty |

DIY: All Natural First Aid Kit

You never know when the next minor injury is going to happen (or where), but you can be ready to take care of those cuts, scrapes and bug bites at a moment’s notice with a well-stocked first aid kit. Yo...
Healthy Home |

Thanksgiving Made Easy with 16 Paleo Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and, quite frankly, eating a ton of food. While some people look forward to the holiday season, people like me tend to dread it because of how much delicious...
Recipes & DIY |

The One Piece of Exercise Advice You Need to Hear

The Internet is packed with fitness advice. Chances are, you’ve seen (and clicked on) articles proclaiming to know the five best exercises for flat abs, weight loss or svelte arms. Or maybe you’ve seen...
Exercise & Fitness |


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