Your Complete Guide to Calcium Supplements

Choosing a Calcium Supplement Calcium is one of the minerals nearly everyone associates with strong, healthy bones and many people choose to supplement it. Similar to the many different types of...
Vitamins & Supplements |

Brewer's Yeast: What It Is & How to Use It

As the name suggests, brewer’s yeast is best known for beer brewing, but there’s a lot more to be said about it. It comes from a single-cell fungus known as Saccharomyces cervisiae. It is a favorite...
Food & Nutrition |

20 Energy Bites Recipes for On-The-Go Energy

Before turning to energy supplements, consider looking at eating foods that can boost your energy levels. It’s time to kick your energy levels up a notch with delicious energy bites recipes! Also...
Food & Nutrition |

Hair Growth Tips: Nutrients & Food for Healthy Hair

Curly or straight, blonde or brunette, short or long, men or women… when it comes to hair, many people wonder what they can do to make it longer, thicker and healthier. One of the keys to tackling hair...
Bath & Beauty |

Skip the Toxic Ingredients with These 22 DIY Natural Dog Treats

Have you purchased treats for your dog lately? If you’re like me, you are conscious of all the scary ingredients that can go into common brands of dog treats. Some of the ingredients in well-known dog...
Healthy Home |

What’s the Best Time to Take Vitamins or Supplements?

Did you take your vitamins today? That seems like a simple, straightforward question, but as you probably know, supplementation can quickly turn into an elaborate affair. Not only are there tens of...
Health and Wellness |

Why Witch Hazel Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

I love warmer weather, but I don’t always love how it affects my skin. I have combination to oily skin, which is just amplified in the summertime. I’m always looking for new products to calm down my...

Tips & Tricks for Grilling with Coconut Oil

Just when you thought you’d run out of ways to use coconut oil—here’s one more! Take it outdoors and introduce coconut oil to your favorite grilled foods. Prepare to be impressed. Why grill with...

Sugar High: 14 ‘Healthy’ Foods Surprisingly High in Sugar

For years, we were told that reducing fat intake was the key to losing weight and staying healthy. An entire generation grew up hearing about the evils of fat and cholesterol and how these...
Food & Nutrition |

Top 7 Health Products Made from Coconut with Uses & Tips

All the Coconut Things & What To Do With Them Coconut has become an instant favorite of the health-conscious. We’re guessing you’ve seen people going cuckoo for coconut oil (including us) for a while...
Food & Nutrition |

Tired Dog = Happy Dog: 11 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Active Indoors

Just like humans, dogs need interaction and exercise to look and feel their best. The old saying goes that a tired dog is a happy dog. Many behavioral issues in dogs can be solved by simply ensuring...

Cold Brew Coffee... So Hot Right Now

Fans of iced coffee rejoice! There’s another way to amp up your coffee game, and it’s so much cooler than just adding ice. Cold brew coffee has been growing in popularity, but not many people know why...
Food & Nutrition |


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