Tired Dog = Happy Dog: 11 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Active Indoors

Just like humans, dogs need interaction and exercise to look and feel their best. The old saying goes that a tired dog is a happy dog. Many behavioral issues in dogs can be solved by simply ensuring...

Cold Brew Coffee... So Hot Right Now

Fans of iced coffee rejoice! There’s another way to amp up your coffee game, and it’s so much cooler than just adding ice. Cold brew coffee has been growing in popularity, but not many people know why...
Food & Nutrition |

10 Ways to Sweeten Your Beauty Routine with Honey

Using foods in homemade beauty recipes has been a growing trend for a while now. When I wrote a post on DIY face masks, they featured ingredients like avocado, cocoa powder and more. I noticed a lot of...
Bath & Beauty |

Why I Stopped Using Coffee Creamers (And What I Use Instead)

I, like most Americans, am addicted to my morning cup of coffee. Three cups, to be exact. I’ve gone through more coffee makers in my life than I care to admit. Lately, I’ve gone a little “hipster” with...
Food & Nutrition |

Top 10 Most Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Deodorant

I want to reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals absorbing into my body. After learning about nail polish and shampoos and conditioners, I started researching deodorants next. Deodorants help...

Essential Oils Beauty Tip: Choose the Right Carrier Oil

You might already use essential oils around your house but are new to using essential oils for beauty and skincare. This guide will help you create your own essential oil skincare products by mixing...

Top 7 Avocado Oil Uses for Skin & Beauty

It's no secret that avocados are great for guacamole and other dishes. But did you know that they also deliver a ton of benefits when used topically? After luck with jojoba and castoroils, I decided to...

Boost Your Mood Instantly with These 12 Foods

Add the food on your plate to your arsenal of tactics to combat stress and foul moods. Your daily diet has a powerful impact on your mental health. We’ve rounded up 12 foods that support your brain...
Food & Nutrition |

16 Powdered Peanut Butter Recipes for Healthier Eating

Powdered peanut butter has been around for years, but you might not be aware of its benefits or have any idea what type of recipes you can use it in. Traditional peanut butter has 190 calories and 16...
Food & Nutrition |

H2O Boost: Top 25 Most Hydrating Foods

We hear it all the time: “Drink more water! It’s good for you!” It’s a phrase that’s been said for years and years, but it remains true. Dehydration can cause serious health issues, and staying...
Food & Nutrition |

16 Near-Zero Calorie Snacks to Curb Your Hunger

There’s a myth in the diet world that just won’t die. It’s the myth of negative-caloric foods like celery or apples. This debunked theory states certain foods are so low in calories that your body...
Food & Nutrition |

12 DIY Face Masks to Brighten and Refresh Your Skin

It’s no secret that dry weather messes with a person’s skin. I have combination to oily skin most of the time, but my skin gets dry during the winter. To combat this, I like to try various face masks...
Bath & Beauty |


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