Storing Produce: How to Keep Fruits & Vegetables Garden Fresh

With CSA’s (community supported agriculture) and farmers’ markets hitting full swing, now is a good time for a little refresher on the proper ways to store all that fresh produce to keep it from...
Food & Nutrition |

Are You Drinking Aloe Vera? Here's Why You Should.

  Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Aloe vera, also known as the lily of the desert, has long been known as a soothing and calming remedy for the skin and overall wellness. It delivers a variety of...

15 Thickening Ingredients for Stunning Sauces, Stews and More

Have you ever wondered how to thicken your sauce or gravy? Cooking thickeners are used to help thicken up gravy, sauces, pudding, pie fillings, soup, stews and more. But which is the best one for your...
Food & Nutrition |

The Low Carb & High Fiber Flour You've Got to Try

Crazy for coconuts? Gaga for gluten free baking? Coconut flour could be your new best friend. High in fiber & protein and low in carbs & cals, this unique flour is a game-changer when it comes to...

10 No-Fuss Essentials for Happy Camping

Whether you’re “glamping” or roughing it, camping is a great way to unplug, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. From trail mix to tin foil, Swanson has the essentials to make your next camping trip a...
Exercise & Fitness |

XyloSweet: Everything You Need to Know + a Recipe & Giveaway!

Sick of searching for the perfect sweetener? Look no further! XyloSweet from Xlear is a natural sugar-replacement made with 100% Xylitol. XyloSweet products contain no fillers, flow agents or other...
Contests & Giveaways |

Best Form of Vitamin C? Comparing Vitamin C Types

Vitamin C is one of the most widely recognized nutrients. Mention it, and most people’s thoughts immediately jump to immune support. And that’s totally understandable, considering it’s essential for...
Vitamins & Supplements |

Is ‘Ideal Weight’ a Thing?

Everyone has a mental image stuck in their brains about what they should see when they look in the mirror. We all have an ideal body image… but is there really such a thing as an ideal weight? Is...
Weight Support |

6 Multi-Tasking Beauty Products to Simplify Your Routine

Is your bathroom overflowing with products? You’re not alone. It’s not surprising when there are so many beauty and hygiene options out there—it makes it easy to buy a lot more stuff than you need....
Bath & Beauty |

8 Nutrients for the Aging Brain

If you’re a Swanson Health Products fan, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about your health, whether in the short term or far in the future. As you mature, levels of certain hormones and other...
Memory and Brain Support |

5 Home Remedies to Comfort Your Throat

If you’ve been sick recently, you know the struggle: you need rest, but the discomfort and coughing from an irritated throat are keeping you from drifting off. Not to mention the constant annoyance...

4 Reasons to Make Chocolate Part of Your Beauty Routine

There are many articles out there boasting the health benefits of chocolate, right? Well, what about the beauty benefits of chocolate? That’s right, chocolate can be used for skincare, and...
Bath & Beauty |


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