How Much Protein Do I Need?

To give you an idea of how important protein is to the human body, consider the word’s origin: protos. That’s Greek for “first,” as in top, or of foremost importance. Protein is responsible for the...
Exercise & Fitness |

Homemade Protein Bars: 15 Recipes to Keep You Full On-the-Go

Protein bars come in dozens of flavors, but many of the store-bought brands are known for filling their bars with unhealthy additives that end up doing very little for contributing to a healthy...
Food & Nutrition |

16 Fall Adventures to Keep You Active

After enjoying the heat and sunshine of summer, it can be tempting to retreat inside once the temperatures turn cooler. But there are so many reasons to enjoy the outdoors once the leaves start...
Exercise & Fitness |

8 Stuffing Recipes to Please Anyone at Your Thanksgiving Table

Looking for the perfect stuffing recipe? Below are our favorite stuffing recipes with an option for every diet.   1Classic Stuffing Recipe - Simple Is Best Dressing via Bon Appétit  Classics are classic...
Food & Nutrition |

Fiber Supplement Benefits & Usage Guide

You know your body needs fiber. But do you know why? Are you getting enough fiber? What can you add to your diet to make sure you’re getting enough? Some of the facts may surprise you! Fiber is a...
Food & Nutrition |

8 Ways to Fortify Your Immune System Before Cold Weather Hits

As the weather gets colder, your thoughts may have turned to boosting your immune health. There are a few strategies for supporting your immune system that you may be familiar with (vitamin C,...
Healthy Home |

Top Reasons to Add Psyllium Husk Fiber to Your Diet

  What Are the Benefits of Psyllium Husk Fiber? For anyone who doesn’t get enough fiber from their daily diet, psyllium husk fiber supplements are becoming increasingly popular way to boost fiber intake...
Food & Nutrition |

Why Are My Fish Oil Supplements Cloudy?

You may have read about it online or even experienced it yourself: cloudy softgels. If you store your supplements in the fridge or if they’re delivered to your door during cold weather, your softgels...
Vitamins & Supplements |

10 Foods for Happy & Healthy Skin

We all know that our skin changes as we age. It loses firmness, radiance and suppleness. In addition to using creams, applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water, what else can you do to keep your...
Bath & Beauty |

Beyond the Mug: 17 Ways to Use Tea Bags

Confession: I’m a tea addict. I’ve written posts about brewing the perfect cup, choosing the best tea for your mood and tea facts worth knowing. All of these posts got me thinking about what happens...
Bath & Beauty |

10 Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Energy Levels

Energy is often a top priority when thinking about health—after all, if your energy levels are low, it’s hard to accomplish everything on your task list, much less get out of bed in the morning! Whether...
Energy, Stress and Mood |

Still Cleaning with Toxic Oven Cleaners? Try the Natural Way!

As a child, I remember my mom dressing up in her make-shift hazmat suit to clean the oven. It was quite the process for her to ensure that we had enough ventilation in the kitchen as well as a barrier...


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