Benefits of Turmeric (Plus 10 Ways to Use It!)

Tumeric provides a variety of health benefits. It is primarily associated with curry dishes, and is typically one of the main spices used in Indian cuisine. However, do you know the health benefits...

Why Does Melatonin Matter for Healthy Aging?

Your favorite sleep-supporting supplement does more than you might think. Melatonin also acts as an antioxidant, combating the free-radical damage associated with aging. Digging Into the Details Melatoni...
Vitamins & Supplements |

10 Tips for Better Sleep

With all the distractions we face each day, especially during busy times of year for work, vacations, holidays and school, it can be difficult to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night....
Health & Beauty Top Post |

We Had a Dietitian Evaluate Our Diets—Here’s How We Did

Healthy eating goes beyond calories, fats and carbohydrates. Getting enough protein, fiber and nutrients like vitamins and minerals plays an essential role to health, as does avoiding alarming amounts...
Food & Nutrition |

Get Healthier Hair with These Tips & Tricks

As the season of snow, rain and other harsh elements comes to an end, many people feel a new sense of energy that may have been lacking in the prior months. Whether you enjoy spring cleaning...
Bath & Beauty |

Vitamin K2: Types, Benefits and Food Sources

What Is vitamin K2 (aka Menaquinone)? Discovered in the 1920s, vitamin K is similar to vitamin B in that it is more of a family of nutrients versus one single compound. Vitamin K1, for example, is a...
Heart Health |

16 Foods That Will Help Support Brain Health

Whether you’re looking to support optimal memory, focus or cognition, maintaining brain health is essential for daily life. Like all areas of health, the food you eat may have an effect on your brain. T...
Food & Nutrition |

Top Supplements for Focus & Productivity

We all know the feeling of getting distracted while staring at a computer screen or working on a project. In a world full of email alerts, text notifications and meeting invites - it’s no wonder we’re...
Vitamins & Supplements |

Melatonin vs. Valerian Root: Comparing Two Top Natural Sleep Supplements

Twenty-four-hour news cycles of political drama, war and natural disasters. Smartphones that are always on and attached to your hip, connecting you to the world of work and entertainment....
Vitamins & Supplements |

Do I Really Need a Multivitamin?

According to the University of California, Berkeley, multivitamins are the most widely used dietary supplement in the U.S. It makes sense—many of us grew up with a morning regimen of peanut butter...
Vitamins & Supplements |

4 Ways to Naturally Support a Healthy Metabolism

Ever wonder how some people seem to be able to eat as much as they want without gaining a single pound? Have you blamed what you believe to be your slow metabolism? If you have, you might be...
Food & Nutrition |

Natural Ways to Cope with Winter Blues

Staying cheerful during the winter months can be a challenge, especially if sunlight is rare and temperatures are frigid. Apart from methods such as light therapy, talk therapy and making a point to...
Food & Nutrition |


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