All in the Name of Health: 50 of the Wackiest Things We’ve Done for Wellness

What won’t some of us try in the name of health? That might be an easier question to answer than what we will try. And that thought is underscored by some of the crazy (and sometimes crazy-fun) things...
Exercise & Fitness |

Top 10 Vitamins & Supplements for Men Over 50

Even with your best efforts to eat well, get plenty of exercise and minimize stress, your body faces changes as you age. From dips in biochemical processes to changes in sleeping patterns, your...
Food & Nutrition |

Science-Backed Herbs for Energy, Joints, Heart, Brain, Weight, Blood Sugar & Digestion

Herbal wellness and adaptogenic herbs are trending because of something herbalists have known all along, and modern science confirms—herbs offer powerful health and wellness benefits. Herbs can...
Blood Sugar Support |

11 Best Self-Care Tips for Mind & Body

It’s easy to let self-care slip through the cracks and put our own needs on the backburner amidst busy schedules and responsibilities. In fact, sometimes we even forget what those needs are in the...
Energy, Stress and Mood |

21 Best Supplements for Men’s Health

From exercise nutrition to prostate support and overall wellbeing, men’s health supplements can help keep you (or a man in your life) in tip-top condition. Our experts have narrowed down these 21 top...
Mens Health |

5 Summer Fitness Fun Ideas

The sunny weather and blue skies of summer give us all an itch to get outside and get moving. Whether we’re enjoying time in the garden, having a picnic, or heading to the beach, most of us...
Exercise & Fitness |

6 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Friendship

June 8th is National Best Friend Day, a holiday created to recognize just how important our closest friends are to our mutual happiness and wellbeing. Actually, there’s more than one day on...
Healthy Home |

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism for Summer Fitness

There’s nothing like dusting off our summer wardrobes to get us motivated toward health goals, right? And that’s great! It’s the perfect time to step up your fitness game. Use the momentum, set some...
Exercise & Fitness |

4 Delicious, Healthy Baked Donut Recipe Hacks

Yes, you read that right—healthy donuts! Sound too good to be true? No way. The key to staying healthy and happy isn’t depriving yourself of all the things you love. It’s about balance. You can make...
Food & Nutrition |

8 Nutritional Gifts for Runners

Looking for the best gifts for runners? If you have a runner in your life, you probably know just how dedicated they are to the sport and that they’re in it for the long game. Not all of us...
Exercise & Fitness |

6 Bridal Beauty & Fitness Tips

You’ve set the date, picked the colors, and maybe even gotten the dress. You’re off to an amazing start, but you still have a lot of planning to do. And your biggest of days will be here before...
Bath & Beauty |

6 Healthy Movie Snacks You’ll Love

Bored with movie night popcorn? Want some new snacks to nosh while you Netflix and chill? We don’t blame you. Plus, prepackaged movie snacks and drinks can be loaded with nutritional offenders like...
Food & Nutrition |


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