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Swanson Friday Five: 1 Year Anniversary

The Swanson Friday Five - A quick look at five products that are new to

Be sure to click play and watch the video above. Below, you will find links to the five products featured in the video.

1Swanson Ultra SAMe

It's our one year anniversary! We hope you enjoy the behind the scenes look in this week's video. I'd show you a behind the scenes look at me writing these blog posts, but it would mostly be me staring out the window for a long time then finally coming up with the right thing to write about a product... a routine I then repeat four more times. Exciting. Oh! I should probably mention something about SAMe. It works to promote both joint mobility and emotional stability and is a powerful precursor to glutathione.

2Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola - Blueberry Hemp

For all you granola lovers out there (we know they exist outside of the Pacific Northwest), we have a wonderful product that is flavored with blueberry and hemp seeds. It also features three ancient grains: organic quinoa, amaranth and chia.

3Buddha Teas Chaga Tea

This caffeine free tea is made from wildcrafted chaga mushrooms. It uses unbleached tea bags and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It also has a picture of a buddha on the box. Very serene looking.

4Out of Africa Pure Shea Butter Bar Soap - Green Clay

Straight from West Africa comes this great shea butter soap. It's 100% pure and has no artificial colors. Hydration for all skin types!

5Swanson Organic Certified Organic Pumpkin Seeds Raw, Shelled

While it may not officially be Fall, it certainly is starting to feel that way. These raw shelled pumpkin seeds can certainly get you in an autumn mood. They are made without the use of herbicides and fertilizers. Also? They are just plain great to snack on.

Thanks for checking us out all last year! What's been your favorite product/moment/Noah hairstyle?


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