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Swanson Friday Five #27

The Swanson Friday Five - A quick look at five products that are new to

Be sure to click play and watch the video above. Below, you will find links to the five products featured in the video.

1Coral LLC Coral White Toothpaste - Mint

This minty toothpaste is formulated with ionic calcium from above sea coral, has no fluoride and is pH balanced for optimum oral care. But I wouldn't skimp on flossing, either. Your teeth are the best friends you've got. You take care of them; they'll take care of you!

2NOW Foods Living Now Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mix

Enjoy a mix that allows you to make delicious bread without the use of gluten or common allergens. If you thought banana bread couldn't get any crazier, just wait until you try it with chocolate chips. As the kids of today say, it's off the hook. (Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure they don't say that anymore, but it seems to express the feeling I was going for.)

3Swanson Superior Herbs HiActives Tart Cherry & Turmeric

A superior herbal formulation for joint health that is made with 100% pure turmeric. Tart cherry should not be confused with a cherry tart. One is a valuable option for day-to-day joint care, the other is a delectable pastry I buy on weekends as a treat. Both are excellent.

4Mars Botanical CocoaVia Cocoa Extract

Each serving of this extract delivers 375 mg of cocoa flavanols, which are powerful phytonutrients found naturally in cocoa beans. And doesn't cocoa just make things a little better?

5Irwin Naturals Steel-Libido Red

Take four liquid soft-gels for maximum male physical response. Take it daily for ongoing maintenance or as needed for fast-acting enhancement. Nothing much else to say here!

Which products make your life just a little better?


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