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Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

We all know that cats live the life of luxury—they get to sleep all day, never have to work and have their food delivered to them. The devoted cat lover is behind maintaining this lifestyle for their cats and ensuring that they are happy and spoiled. So what do you get that cat lover in your life to help keep those kitties in a first class lifestyle?

Check out this list I compiled of the top products that any cat lover would love to receive. Most of the items are things that we carry right here at Swanson Health Products! These are always at the top of my list to keep my cats at home living the good life. A happy cat means a happy household!

For the cat lover in your life, these are my top recommendations for gift ideas:

1. Daily Multi for Cats

Because cats are picky eaters, they may not always get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that they require. This product is a great multivitamin for cats that covers the nutritional needs they have and apparently tastes great! My cats go crazy for their chewable chicken liver flavor vitamins every day (and since they are sugar free, my diabetic cat can take them too)! Cats think that they are getting a treat and cat parents can rest assured that their babies are getting all the nutrition that they need.

2. Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief for Pets or Rescue Remedy Pet

Cats are creatures of habit and don’t care for change. To help cats adjust in times of change, Rescue Remedy is a MUST have for any cat lover. Rescue Remedy oil can be placed on a treat or on the cat’s food to promote relaxation and calmness. They work great for calming cats for a car ride or a trip to the vet (or both!) Cat parents will thank you for this gift!

3. Halo Cat Food

Halo, Purely for Pets, offers canned cat food that comes in a variety of flavors for those loveable kitties. Cats love the variety of flavors that Halo offers and cat lovers adore the fact that the food is free from artificial ingredients and grains! With a variety of flavors like Salmon, Turkey, Chicken, Beef and more, it appeals to even the pickiest of cats and provides natural and balanced nutrition for all life stages of those frisky felines.

4. Hairball Relief plus for Cats

Hairballs are probably one of the most fun things about being a cat owner (sarcasm)! Help prevent those little presents left around the house by giving cat lovers this hairball relief product. Just like the cat’s multivitamin, these are viewed as a treat by any cat since they are a yummy chicken liver flavor. Cats will devour them and cat lovers won’t have as many hairballs to clean up! Win win! The chews are also great for shedding, coat and general skin health—making sure those cats are always looking their best. Even diva cats need a little help to look their most devastatingly good looking.

5. UT Support for Cats

Guess what? Another vitamin for cats that tastes like chicken liver! The UT Support for Cats from Pet Naturals features D-Mannose, Cranberry, Bromelain and more to promote good urinary tract health in cats. These great chews will help maintain urinary tract health for those kitties that are already in good health and will help them stay there. This is great news for cats and cat lovers alike—no one likes an expensive (and probably painful) trip to the vet for urinary tract issues.

6. Feline Greenies

Have you ever tried to brush a cat’s teeth? Did you come away scratch free? I’m making an educated guess that the answer to that is a big NO! Ease the struggle for both kitty and their parents by getting them Feline Greenies! Feline Greenies are a mint flavored chew that cats think is a treat, but it really helps promote dental health. Cats don’t know that they are helping keep their teeth nice and clean—they just think they are pretty lucky to get such a tasty treat! No more dealing with stinky kitty breath!

7. Premium Catnip

If you’ve ever seen a cat while they are enjoying some catnip, you definitely understand why this one is a must-have! Catnip stimulates the feline instinct to get up and play. It is great for making sure that those lazy kitties are getting the exercise that they need for their health. For their human parents, it is a pretty entertaining sight as well. Cat lovers are never without this necessity for their cats, no matter what their age!

8. Litter Box Odor Eliminator

If the cat lovers in your life are anything like me, they didn’t just stop at one cat (or two… or three). When a cat parent has multiple cats, it can be a huge task to maintain fresh and clean smelling litter boxes—no matter how much they clean them! Help them out by getting this great odor eliminator! It targets the things in cat waste that make it the smelliest and help reduce the odors. You may even be able to go to their homes and not smell cats with this product!

9. Cat Treats Chicken or Cat Treats Salmon

TREATS! I know that the prior products were multivitamins and supplements that were like treats for cats, but c’mon… these are ACTUAL treats, and kitties want them. Who are we to stand in their way? These treats are a hit at my house, whether chicken or salmon flavored. The treats are always at the top of my Swanson Health Products shopping list. Let’s face it; no one wants to be the one to tell Mr. Kitty that you’re out of treats. Prevent the brutal stink eye treatment from those felines by making sure these are always on hand!

10. Snoozzy Cat Beds

Cats spend an average of about 16 hours per day sleeping and they, of course, deserve only the best beds out there. Cats and cat lovers will love these adorably designed “Hide and Seek” beds. They work as more than just a bed because of their cave-like design; cats will have fun playing with their feline friends inside and outside of these. Plus, they look better in a home than a standard cat bed. 

11. World's Best Cat Litter

Most people don’t realize the importance of a good cat litter to keep cats in good health. Available in a variety of formulas for the individual cat lover's needs, World’s Best Cat Litter is the best litter to use (I suppose that’s how they came up with the name)! Whether you chose a regular clumping litter, a natural pine blend litter, lavender scented clumping litter or from their handful of other varieties, cats will thank you for getting them the very best to do their business in. A happy cat is also more likely to use the litter box every time and reduce those accidents that can happen around the house—and that will make any cat lover happy!

12. Cat Dish Towels

Enable your favorite cat lover to express their love by giving them these cute kitchen towels with a sassy cat design on them. Yes, there is actually one thing on this list that isn’t for cats and actually for the cat lover themselves. The cats allowed me to give the humans one spot on the list. These towels are a great gift idea for anyone who loves and has cats!

Bonus Item: A gift that is always needed: Consider donating to a cat rescue organization in honor of the cat lover in your life. For a nationwide organization, check out For local donations, please search Google to find reputable and in-need cat organizations in your area.

What do you think about this list? Would your cat approve?

Is there anything you would want to add to the list?


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