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KoACT® Promises to be Game-Changer for Bone Health

Today our Swanson Health Blog readers get a sneak peek at one of our newest products: KoACT Patented Calcium Collagen Chelate Formula for ultimate, comprehensive bone health support.

A better formula for healthy bones, focusing on the two most important aspects of bone health: strength and flexibility. That sums up KoACT, our newest and most exciting bone health formula to date.
  • Roughly 25% of Caucasian women in the U.S. have compromised bone health
  • Nearly 18% of those women will suffer a fracture at some time in their lives
With the popularity of vitamin D, calcium and bone health supplements on the rise, the above stats might seem a bit high. But the fact is that other products typically focus on only one aspect of bone health.

What Makes KoACT Better?

To appreciate why KoACT is a superior product (preliminary clinical trials conducted on KoACT show some very exciting results), we need to understand that comprehensive bone health support requires two points of focus: the strength and rigidity of your bones, and the flexible inner matrix that provides the necessary give and bend.

KoACT delivers support for both, thanks to its dual-action formula featuring a break-through calcium-collagen chelate. KoACT promotes both bone density and bone strength in one easy-to-take capsule.

Ready to Try?
KoACT is now in stock, but once it hits the front cover of the catalog and our homepage, it’s going to go quick. Read more about this exciting new bone supplement and buy now:
KoACT Bone Strength Formula with Calcium Collagen Chelate.


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