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Ben’s Employee Order Giveaway [CLOSED]

Ever wanted to know what vitamins, supplements and healthy foods the employees at Swanson Health Products use? Here’s your chance to peek inside an employee order and find out (and win it all)!

Being in the vitamin and supplement industry, I often get asked (as do nearly all of my co-workers) about the products I take and the foods I eat. These questions got us to thinking... wouldn’t it be cool if we shared which products we routinely order and why?

So we’re going to do just that. From time to time, we will have a Swanson employee write a review of their favorite products and post it here on the blog. We will also be giving away all the products featured in the post!

It’s my pleasure to get to go first and give you a look at the products that routinely show up on my employee order. In no particular order...

Green Tea, Organic Cashews and Crunch ClustersSwanson Certified Organic Green Tea
I wasn’t much of a tea drinker before I started working here. But the more I read and wrote, the more convinced I was that green tea should have a place in my daily life. (This can be said for all of the supplements in my list.) The natural antioxidant potential and all the research behind green tea were enough for me to learn to love the taste...over a few months’ time. What’s your favorite tea?

Swanson Organic Raw Whole Cashews
I’ve always loved cashews, but I had never tried them without salt until I ordered my first bag of our organic raw cashews. I’ve never gone back since, and I am trying to turn my whole family away from the extra, unnecessary salt. I also think our Swanson cashews are the freshest tasting of any brand I’ve tried. What’s your favorite nut?

NOW Foods Almond Crunch Clusters
These have a permanent place on my desk here at work. I am rarely without this delicious, nutritious and filling treat. The little bit of evaporated cane juice, which keeps the clusters together, along with the sea salt provide the perfect salty-and-sweet combination that I often crave. Yet somehow, I never overindulge like I can easily do with other snacks. What’s your favorite healthy snack?

Swanson Premium Men’s Prime Multi
Like millions of Americans, I take a multivitamin (almost every day). It’s an easy foundation for any supplementation program, and I think our Prime Multi offers perhaps the best value for your money. You get three months worth of multivitamins for just $15, and that’s if you remember to take two a day. The tablets aren’t too big, either, which is a big plus in my book. What’s your favorite multi?

Swanson Ultra Grass-Fed Hormone-Free Chocolate Whey Protein PowderUltra Chocolate Protein Powder
This was a hard choice for me, because I also regularly purchase Spiru-Tein Protein. But our protein powder (formerly known as Ori Hofmekler's Whey Protein Powder) is more affordable, mixes up better (using my Blender Bottle) and I think it's about the best tasting chocolate whey I've ever tried...possibly even a bit too sweet! I use it mostly before and after workouts, whereas the Spiru-Tein can be more of a quick breakfast on busy days. What’s your favorite protein powder?

Swanson EFAs MultiOmega 3-6-9 (Flax, Borage, Fish)
I chose this because I tend to like variety. There’s a lot of research available touting the benefits of the different sources of fatty acid nutrition, so I figured I would cover all my bases with one supplement. Here’s the bottom line for me: my last doctor check-up revealed that all of “my numbers” have not changed whatsoever in two years; they have remained in the normal range right where they should be. What’s your favorite essential fatty acid supplement?

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap (peppermint)
This is simply the best natural soap I’ve ever tried. It lathers up so nicely with just a tiny amount, a bottle lasts me for months. Plus, it’s super versatile: shower, kitchen, camp, etc. Just don’t get it in your eyes! What’s your favorite natural soap or green cleaner?

Nature’s Gate Crème de Anise Toothpaste
If you love black licorice, you will suddenly love brushing your teeth with this crème de anise toothpaste. It’s refreshing to say the least, but certainly not overpowering. This is one product I’ve successfully managed to hook my parents on. It’s paraben, sulfate and fluoride free, and it tastes great. It’s perfect. What’s your favorite kind of toothpaste?

Creme de Anise Toothpaste

To get a chance at winning this package full of my favorite products
(RETAIL VALUE OVER $70), simply post a comment below answering one of the questions I asked throughout my post. I will pick a winner and notify him/her by email on Monday. Good Luck!


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