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Butter Coffee (The Right Way)

butter coffee - the right wayTwo years ago, Kaitlin (a former Swanson employee) published a popular post about coconut oil coffee, which she discovered is a delicious way to transform her morning cup of coffee.

Around that time, another blended coffee craze was sweeping the Internet – butter coffee.

To my knowledge, no Swanson employee chose to try that method, seemingly because adding oil to coffee was enough of a stretch for many. That is, until I came to the department.

I’ve been drinking butter coffee for years, and I love it! 

I avoid coffee creamers and butter coffee is creamy and frothy, reminiscent of an unsweetened latte. Similar to the claims of coconut oil coffee, butter coffee can give you a boost of energy and help keep you satiated. In both versions, the benefits are due to healthy fats!

Since Kaitlin’s post was so spot-on, I’ve decided to do my best to mirror her old post to take you through the steps of making butter coffee!

Step One: Whatever brewing method you choose, make sure everything’s ready to go

I’m a French press fan, and right now I’m obsessed with this coffee from a local coffee roaster. Alternatively, our own Swanson® Organic Coffee gets rave reviews!

preparing butter coffee

Step Two: Impatiently wait for coffee to brew. This is when I usually eat breakfast.

Or have an early morning dance party. Or both?


#Breakfast...a way to pass the time while I wait for my #coffee to brew! #healthyeats #almostcoffeetime

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Step Three: Add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of butter per cup of coffee.

You’ll want to use unsalted butter, as high quality as possible. Most people don’t like a salty taste to their coffee. Grassfed butter is excellent. I use Kerrygold butter because it’s so smooth and full of flavor. I also often use ghee for a dairy-free version! Using ghee also results in a slightly nutty flavor, which I adore.

putting butter in coffee

Step Four: BLEND.

I usually blend mine using my Nutribullet® or an immersion blender in a mason jar. Others might use a blender. You’ve really got to blend it – that’s how you get the creamy, latte-like texture!

 blending butter coffee

Step Five: Enjoy!

Sometimes, I add a dash or two of cinnamon to top it off… and so I feel much fancier.

drinking butter coffee


Butter Coffee Variations!

Before blending, you can add cinnamon, nutmeg, a tiny bit of sweetener (such as honey, maple syrup, stevia or sugar), maca, MCT oil… really, whatever you think would taste good!

I often switch off and on between coconut oil coffee and butter coffee. Sometimes I even add both (which is generally known as Bulletproof® Coffee)!

Have you tried butter coffee before? If so, what is your butter coffee recipe? If not, are you willing to try?

In the mood for something different? Try cold brew coffee.


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