test-What Is Burdock Root? Will It Help My Oily Skin?
What Is Burdock Root? Will It Help My Oily Skin?
Kerry A. • September 21, 2010

I had never heard of burdock root until I discovered this super awesome matifying lotion at a beauty store years ago. Thanks to my dad's side of the family, I have oily skin. Basically, around the noon hour, I would apply some of the matifying lotion and poof just like magic, my oily forehead and nose would go back to being inconspicuously  matte. Unfortunately, the product was discontinued and ever since I've been hunting for a comparable product.

Since I've been unsuccessful with finding a lotion that works as well as the aforementioned, I decided to try Swanson Premium Burdock Root and report out my findings at a later date. They say that a person needs to try all natural health products for at least 30 days before they can really truly see any results from it. Even products designed for good skin health typically won't produce immediate results. So I will report back 30 days from today what I think. It looks like I'll be the first person to write a review based this herbal health supplement's potential skincare benefits!

More on Burdock Root and what makes it healthy
Burdock Root ImageBurdock root has been used by traditional Chinese, Indian and Japanese healers. Herbalists often recommend it for liver and kidney purification and nourishment.

The seeds of the plant also contain beneficial fatty acids. The oil from the seeds can be used to support natural cleansing and detoxification. According to traditional healers, burdock root may also support healthy gastrointestinal and elimination functions.

Burdock root also has Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA), which is uncommon to find in a food source. This type of PABA is great for maintaining and reviving hair color and firmness of skin, producing folic acid, and aids in the metabolism of blood and protein formation.