test-TASTE TEST: Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers
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TASTE TEST: Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers
Anthony N. • August 11, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEWED: Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers

back to nature cheddar crackers

Rachel: I don't eat Cheese Nips® because of the god-awful aftertaste. I'm happy to report that the Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers are delicious and didn't leave that sour nips taste behind. I will definitely be including these on my employee order for a great healthy snack for me and my family!

Anthony: These are awesome. Perfect for Cheez-It® (which are obviously better than Cheese Nips®) fans who are looking for a similar product with a better ingredient list. They aren't quite as bright orange (no dyes) and not nearly as greasy as the popular store brand, both of which are plusses for me.

Nicole: These are a great snack cracker – crunchy, salty, and a good mild cheese flavor. They are very similar to Cheez-Its, but less greasy and salty. I would definitely eat them again. The box is good looking and I like that you can see the product through the box. I also love that there is no artificial coloring added.

back to nature cheddar crackers close up

Jenessa: This brand is awesome—they use recycled packaging and support conservation efforts. Besides that, they make some dang good snacks. These crispy cheddar crackers are so comparable to others out there, but they are made with much better ingredients. They’re crispy, cheesy and have just the right amount of salt. An all-around familiar, delicious taste I’d invite into my home any day!

Kurt: These have a mild cheddar taste which I find refreshing. They’re also far less salty than their conventional counterparts.

Nathan: Although I love crackers, cheddar crackers usually have too much of a salt flavor that leaves me searching for something to drink. The Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers allow the cheddar flavor to be the focus, while not being overpowering. The crackers contain no artificial flavors, cholesterol, hydrogenated oils or preservatives which makes them good for you while tasting great.

close up of cheddar crackers from back to nature

Courtney: These tasted just like Cheez-Its but were way less greasy. I’ve tried several Back To Nature snacks and they all taste as good or better than the version from the big-name brands – and much better for you, of course.

Kaitlin: As a cheddar cracker addict, I can positively say these Crispy Cheddar Crackers are a delicious alternative to Cheez-It crackers without preservatives or artificial flavors. The smooth cheddar taste is perfectly complemented by the right amount of salt and crunch. And hugely important: the packaging is 100% recycled paperboard!

Ben: These are super awesome snack crackers. I used to love the Cheez-Its like any good young American male, but I haven’t bought a box in many years (trying to avoid the processed foods as best I can). These, however, might have to find their way onto my next employee order. The crackers are crunchy and cheesey, basically nailing the only two requirements of a “Crispy Cheddar Cracker” in my opinion.

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box of back to nature cheddar crackers