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Tackle Your Spring Cleaning with These 16 Natural Solutions
Kelsey M. • May 11, 2015

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, new growth and a new way to clean! If you’re one to partake in spring cleaning, why not take a natural turn this year?

Natural cleaning is not only better for the environment; it’s better for your home and those who live in it!

The heavy chemicals in conventional cleaners do more underlying harm than good for your home and make more work for you in the long run. Pair that with the fact that we don’t want our loved ones coming into contact with harmful (and sometimes toxic) cleaners.  

If you’re looking for an easy and natural approach to spring cleaning, try these 16 no chemical cleaning solutions.

1All Purpose Cleaner - Keeper of the Home

First things first! A natural all purpose cleaner is essential for all this natural cleaning.

You only need a few ingredients to make your own natural cleaner. This list includes how to make your own cleaner that acts as a versatile staple in your cleaning routine. It’s perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, dusting and more! 


2DIY Disinfecting Wipes - One Good Thing by Jillee

Have you ever read all the warnings on the back of traditional disinfecting wipes? If not, I’ll save you the lengthy read.

It’s full of warnings and cautions about using the product. Why would you clean your home with that?

Cleaning wipes are a must have in my home for quick touch ups and disinfecting surfaces. Make your own wipes at home easily and without warnings!


3Quick and Easy Homemade DIY All Purpose Pine Cleaner - Jenny Cazzola

I recently switched out the carpet in my home for wood flooring. While I love that it’s cleaner and easier to maintain than carpet, I still hate cleaning my floors.

I have tried several conventional dust, wet and steam mops that are on the market, but nothing gives my wood floors the shine they originally had. Not to mention all these cleaners and devices are expensive!

Check out this economical, easy and natural cleaner for your floors. I’m looking forward to trying this to get my floors looking new and shiny once again.

4Shiny Vinyl Floors - Bob Vila

If you have vinyl floors instead of wood floors, have no fear! There’s a natural cleaner for that too.

Mix apple cider vinegar with your standard water and mop combination to help remove dirt and grime. It won’t dull your floors like conventional cleaners and will leave them looking shiny and clean.  

5Homemade Dry Carpet Cleaner - PopSugar

If you prefer a softer approach and have carpeting (or area rugs) in your home, there’s a solution for that as well. Thoroughly cleaning carpets can prove difficult as well as a huge pain with steam cleaners and various chemicals.

Try the natural approach with this homemade dry carpet cleaner; it is eco-friendly and safe around little ones and pets!

6Remove Dents from Carpet - Carolina Charm

If rearranging the furniture is on your spring cleaning list or you are preparing for a move, you are likely to deal with the dents that furniture can leave behind on carpeting or rugs.

Want an easy way to remove the dents? Just place ice cubes around it. Simple!


7Clean Your Dishwasher - Clean Mama

A place that we often don’t think needs cleaning usually needs it the most – your dishwasher! You rely on it to clean your dishes, but how clean is it really?

Make sure you put this on your to-do list for spring cleaning this year with these natural and quick tips.

8Clean Your Oven - Oats and Beans and Baby Grow

One of the most dangerous and toxic cleaners that you can bring into your home is oven cleaner. You clean your oven, and soon enough you have to vacate your house for a while so the toxic fumes don’t burn your lungs.

Keep in mind that you cook your food in this place. Why would you want to put deadly chemicals in it?

But wait! You guessed it! There is a natural way to effectively clean your oven, and the necessary ingredients are probably already around your home.

9Unclog Your Drain - Bob Vila

Taking a close second to oven cleaners on the danger level are conventional drain cleaners. These products are laced with dangerous chemicals that unclog your drain, but at the cost of the environment.

For an easy and environmentally safe way to loosen that pesky clog, try this vinegar and baking soda cleaning solution!


10Tea Tree Oil Toilet Cleaner - DIY Cleaning Products

Runner-up for most dangerous cleaning chemicals in the house is toilet bowl cleaner. Most conventional toilet bowl cleaners do a great job, but they are also dumping harmful chemicals into the ecosystem every time you flush.

Also, some dogs try using the toilet as a supersized water bowl, and we can’t have them drinking lingering chemicals. Ditch the danger and try a natural approach by cleaning and disinfecting your toilet with this simple recipe.


11Tile and Grout Cleaner - The Creek Line House

In an effort to deep clean every nook and cranny in your home, make sure to pay attention to tile and grout. If you’re looking to clean this area of your home without the use of harsh chemicals, check out this quick and effective natural recipe.

Epsom salts are often used as an additive to bath water for a relaxing soak in the tub, but they can also make a scrub that will quickly and safely give your tile and grout an intense clean.


12DIY Mold and Mildew Cleaner - Raking in the Savings

While you are in the bathroom tackling the tile and grout, don’t forget to get rid of mold and mildew. Not only are mold and mildew dangerous, but their conventional cleaners put your skin, your lungs and your home at risk.

There are natural ways to prevent this health hazard from ever forming. After getting the mold and mildew at bay, there is also an effective formula that prevents it from returning from Popsugar’s DIY Mold and Mildew Killer!

13Homemade Magic Erasers - Little House Living

One of my favorite aids to use when deep cleaning is the marvelous Magic Eraser. While Magic Erasers themselves move away from harsh chemicals and are water activated scrubbers, they are also quite expensive and quickly wear out.

To save some room in the landfill, why not make your own more durable version? This quick and easy how-to will have you working your magic in no time!

14Homemade Window Cleaner - Popsugar

Get rid of streaky and grimy windows the natural way. Make your own eco-friendly window cleaner with ingredients that you probably have around your home already.

While window cleaning is no one’s favorite chore, making your own cleaner that is better for the environment will make you feel better about what you’re spraying in your home.


15Freshen Your Mattress - One Good Thing by Jillee

You spend much of the time in your home sleeping on your mattress, so it is critical to your health that it be clean and fresh.

Instead of forking over money to constantly replace your mattress or using conventional fabric refreshers, check out this natural and easy way to freshen your mattress.

16Make Your Pans Shine - DIY Home Sweet Home

Cooking and baking pans start to look gross after heavy use. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that.

Like the title suggests, this DIY remedy is guaranteed to make your pans shine! Accomplish this with just one ingredient – castile soap. No harsh chemicals required.

Check out these tips and tricks on how to use castile soap to get your cookware shiny the natural way.


Natural cleaning doesn’t have to be costly and time consuming. With the ingredients mentioned in these cleaning solutions, you can spring clean your home the natural way for the good of the environment without emptying your pocketbook

What are some of your favorite DIY, no-chemical cleaning tips?