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Swanson Reviewers Tell Us Why They Love Us
Cathleen W. • December 12, 2011

I love customer reviews. I've been working with Swanson customer reviews since we launched them on our site with Bazaarvoice in 2007. The information we can glean from both positive and negative reviews helps us determine ways to improve our products and service. I especially enjoy reading the answer to one specific question about our company overall.

When you submit a product review on our site, we ask you one last question: On a scale of zero to ten, would you recommend Swanson Vitamins to a friend? Zero indicates would not recommend and 10 means would highly recommend. Here's what some recent reviewers said about why Swanson Health Products is a top rated vitamins and supplements company:

"Over the years I have come to trust the quality and reasonable prices offered by your company. I have NEVER been disappointed" ~ RayFrom29, Twentynine Palms, California

"They are not trying to rip you off and we are very thankful for that these days; they do what they say they do. I think you guys care over other companies about the people and it shows. Thank God I feel so much better. Thank you guys so very much. Keep up the good work. Blessing to you all." ~ flowers, Signal Hill, California

"Sponsor Fargo marathon and provide free samples, initially; good value on products now that I researched the company." ~ storky

"You offer good quality products at the best prices. Best of all, you offer a 12 month guarantee for returns. You stand by your products. That speaks volumes! Also, Swanson's name brand is of great quality, equal to or better than other name brands. Keep up the good work! I have recommended you to many friends and family members all over the United States, who in turn, have recommended you to their friends and family. We love to shop Swanson!" ~TMRM, U.S.A.

"I love Swanson. Great products. Great prices. Exceptional customer service!" ~ SweetP, Oklahoma

"I am fairly new to you, but I can find some of the products I like and trust at better prices. You answer my questions satisfactorily and I believe you carry quality products or you wouldn't have survived this long. Keep up the great traditions and fair business practices and we will all prosper!" ~gotdaddysear, Northern California

These are just a few of the hundreds of comments we receive via product reviews each week! We also read the comments posted on the blog, our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as customer comments via our call center staff. We truly appreciate all of your feedback, both positive and negative!