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Natrol® Fast Dissolving Supplements Deliver Fast Results
Ben H. • February 11, 2013

Why do you take vitamins and supplements? Sort of an obvious question with an equally obvious answer: you take supplements to boost your nutritional intake so you feel better, stronger, healthier and more energized.

You might take vitamin D to feel healthier and stronger or a B complex supplement for added energy support... and maybe in the evening you wind down and enjoy a good night’s rest with the help of a melatonin supplement.

We all know why we use dietary supplements... but the less obvious question is, with thousands of brands and varieties to choose from, how do you decide which vitamin D, which B complex or which melatonin supplement to take?


Fast Dissolve = Fast Results

Natrol® has made the decision easy thanks to their new Fast Dissolve technology. Natrol Fast Dissolve tablets (no water needed) delivers the nutrition, the support, the results... faster than traditional tablets—up to 30 times faster!