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Mommy's Bliss for Baby Bliss Gripe Water
Ashley G • January 13, 2012

Being a new Mother I have been overwhelmed with all of the wonderful, extremely helpful and educated advice from all of the mothers in my life. My husband and I had been informed a few times prior to our little one's birth of the great benefits of using gripe water to ease mild and occasional gas and stomach discomfort and I am so thankful we had purchased and stocked the all-natural herbal supplement Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water in our bathroom cabinet for her arrival.

We recently experienced the traumatic event of our two-month-old receiving her first set of shots and the after effects to her little system. She was extraordinarily upset immediately after she received them, (my husband claims that I cried harder than she did, which I won't deny), but recovered quickly for a happy ride home. The following 10-15 hours she slept on and off, which did not surprise us as our physician warned us that her next 24 hours she would be very sleepy as a side effect. It was the following day that the rest of the side effects started to occur.

She became very gassy and we could tell her her little tummy was just full of bubbles. We gave her only half of a dose of the gripe water very slowly being that this was her first taste of something other than milk and she did well. Her facial expressions were quite entertaining. Within the next hour or so she started to calm down and relieve some of her tummy discomfort. I will happily use this again, if needed of course :)

We are looking forward to trying more of the long line of children's health products here at SHP, especially the teething products with that milestone coming to us in the coming months.