test-Foods That Target Specific Body Parts – Part 2
Foods That Target Specific Body Parts – Part 2
Health Tips • March 19, 2011
Daily Health Tip for March 19:

Yesterday we shared three examples of how Mother Nature has provided unique insight into which foods offer the nutritional attributes that match with certain body parts. Here are three more thought-provoking examples:

  • Look like: your brain
  • Benefit: high in omega-3 fatty acids which help develop more than 36 neuron-transmitters for brain function

  • Look like: female mammary glands
  • Benefit: with 170 different phytonutrients and 60+ flavonoids, oranges and other citrus fruits promote healthy breasts and the movement of lymph fluids in to and out of the breasts

  • Look like: your cells
  • Benefit: help clear waste materials from your body’s cells
Nature is amazing, isn’t it? Next time you sit down to a meal or snack, examine your food and see if you can pick up on the innate clues that might be sending you a message of good health.

Source: Mary Jane’s Farm, Oct-Nov 2009