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Cloth Diapers and Diaper Care for Babies
Ashley G • January 28, 2012

Cloth diapers have always been something I was adamant about trying when I have children. Our little lady just turned 3 months old this week and I've decided to give them a try. We were lucky enough to be able borrow 8 diapers (with plenty of inserts, disposable and cloth) from a friend before we make the investment and dive into cloth diapering full time.

Also, our daycare provider has spoken very highly about her using them for her children and then her children using them for their children which made me really want to get started! As of right now, we still have her wear disposables at daycare and putting her into her cloth diapers as soon as we get home in the evening until the next morning.

There are many factors why I love using them so far. They are chlorine-free and breathable. We are recycling and not contributing to the increase of diapers adding to our full landfills. The patterns are adorable, and the cloth is extremely soft and gentle on her newborn skin. But in all honesty they are a lot of work and a stinky mess, haha. That doesn't mean I'm quitting on day 3!

Weledab Baby Calendula Diaper CareBeing that I am new at this, I have been referring to many cloth diapering websites and other mothers who have used them. I would like to get down a system for taking care of the wet ones and dirty ones and conserving washing machine use. The easy thing would be to just throw it into the washing machine immediately, but we all know that isn't the wisest and most economical route.

One of the many great products we received since our baby was born was the Weleda Baby Calendula Diaper Care Cream. Since we are using so many different kinds of diapers and she has started attending daycare regularly, we started using this on her a couple times a day to keep her skin happy.

This is one of the few websites I have found to be very insightful: Diaper Jungle. We have a few different laundry soaps to try, approaches to fastening as well getting our routine down, so there will be more news to come!

Have any of you tried or used cloth diapers? How would you compare the cloth diapers of today to the cloth diapers of yesterday?